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I love Hort Park

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HortPark 33 Hyderabad Road, Off Alexandra Road

Sun, Sea, Sand at East Coast Park

Here are some of the photos I took at East Coast Park the other day for my American friend…

September 08 (126)

This is East Coast Park, Singapore’s most famous and most visited park. You can swim in the sea, you can ride a bike or skate, you can stroll by the beach, you can pitch a tent and grope inside, and you can even have a barbeque here. If you don’t want to do any beachy activities, you can still dine at the fine dining Indian restaurants or at the numerous pubs around. And lastly, there is of course also the token MacDonalds there, dogs allowed.

September 08 (125) September 08 (127)

The sandy portion of the beach is not much, but we make do with what we have..

September 08 (133)

Oh yes, you can most definitely (try to) fish. Whether you catch anything is a separate issue.

September 08 (135)

Those are oil tankers and bulk carriers in the distance…

September 08 (128)

East Coast Park getting a makeover. Roads being widened so cyclists don’t barrel down pedestrians. Restaurants in the background.

Old Hong Kong Cafe

June 08 (001)

Ever since Yakun decided to cut on its quality and serve slip shod toast, I have been trying to find new and reliable places to have my toast fix. In my previous post, I mentioned that I really love the Butter Sugar Toast at Toastbox. No, I have not knocked it off it’s pedestal, but allow me to recommend this other place that also serves wonderful toast, although different from the Yakun and Toastbox types.

Let me recommend to you the humble Peanut Butter and Condensed Milk toast from Old Hong Kong Cafe!! Frankly, I can’t decide which I like more, the Butter Sugar one, or this one, although I would probably say perhaps the Peanut Butter one is slightly healthier? The combination of sticky peanut butter combined with the sweet condensed milk on an ultra fluffy toasted piece of white bread, it’s just simply wonderful!!! I actually don’t think you can find this anywhere else in Singapore, although it would not be difficult to replicate it if you request for it.

That above is definitely not for those unfamiliar with condensed milk. I took it upon myself to personally recommend this to several overseas visitors, and I could positively see them gagging at the thought of eating liquid sugar. (It’s not that sweet I think! I would have preferred more condensed milk!!) And this is not some new-fangled thing because my father loves it very much too, possibly more than I love it!

Ok anyway, well apart from the toast, Old Hong Kong Cafe, being like any other HK Cafe, has about 200 (or more?) other items on the menu. It used to be the cheapest HK Cafe around, but it has since revised its prices about $0.50 – $2 upwards. Still, this is my favourite HK Cafe. The food tastes better, the seating is more spacious and they just seem to exude a slightly different vibe as compared to the other more “generic” HK Cafes. The toast above now costs $2. A cup of HK Milk Tea also costs $2. If you spend above $5, they give you a little chop on your loyalty card, which you can redeem for a free drink after 5 chops. And if you spend above $50 on a single visit, they give you a free chicken dish on your next visit.

Oh btw, although it’s a Hong Kong Cafe, do brush up on your Mandarin as most of the serving staff are from China.

Old Hong Kong Cafe – Open 24 hours everyday
86 East Coast Road
Blk A Katong Village #01-01/10 Singapore 428788
Tel: 6345 1932
Opening hours: 24 hours, 365 days a weeks

Always read the labels!!!

September 08 (095)

September 08 (096)

I saw something interesting in the Supermarket the other day. If you look at the 1st picture, it says “Trans Fats FREE” in the little heart. But if you turn the milk carton over, it says “Naturally Occurring Trans Fats”. There were numerous other milk brands that also advertised the same thing. Don’t you find it hilarious that at the front, they say the milk contains no trans fats, yet at the back there is, albeit NATURALLY occurring ones? Why bother to tell us that the milk is “Trans fats FREE” then? Couldn’t they have at least said “No added Trans Fats”??? Of course this is not entirely clear as well, because some people are bound to read it as there being no Trans Fats at all, but it sure beats saying that there is ZERO, and you find out that ZERO doesn’t mean ZERO.

And while I am on the topic of milk and labels, another hilarious one is the one advertising that their milk comes from Australian Friesian Holstein cows. If I am not wrong, I saw this on the Greenfield’s milk. If you’ve noticed, most milk from Australia simply advertise themselves as made in Australia. I smelt a fish. You know what???? It’s true that the Greenfield’s milk is from Australian Friesian Holstein cows……but reared in Indonesia!!! Need I say more???

The Asian Kitchen

I like going to The Asian Kitchen. It is one of the cheapest places to eat, that isn’t a coffeeshop or foodcourt. You can easily get a meal for 2, for about $20 in total. My favourite branch is the one at Raffles City Shopping Centre. This branch serves the crispy roast duck, which isn’t available in other branches such as the Citylink one. The small serving is more than enough for 2 people, and only costs $9.90. If you order another plate of vegetables like the Treasures Plate, it costs about $6.90.

Apart from the duck, other dish portions are just enough for you to be sufficiently full for dinner. Admittedly that could be one reason why The Asian Kitchen is cheaper, but sometimes, you really don’t need that much food so why pay more for more food that you don’t need? The restaurant is also rather cramped, so you definitely can’t bring your business associates there, unless you manage to get the booth seats, which are few and far between. But still, the price tag and the really delicious roast duck beckons to me every few weeks or so.

Asian Kitchen Roast Duck

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