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September 20, 2008

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I saw something interesting in the Supermarket the other day. If you look at the 1st picture, it says “Trans Fats FREE” in the little heart. But if you turn the milk carton over, it says “Naturally Occurring Trans Fats”. There were numerous other milk brands that also advertised the same thing. Don’t you find it hilarious that at the front, they say the milk contains no trans fats, yet at the back there is, albeit NATURALLY occurring ones? Why bother to tell us that the milk is “Trans fats FREE” then? Couldn’t they have at least said “No added Trans Fats”??? Of course this is not entirely clear as well, because some people are bound to read it as there being no Trans Fats at all, but it sure beats saying that there is ZERO, and you find out that ZERO doesn’t mean ZERO.

And while I am on the topic of milk and labels, another hilarious one is the one advertising that their milk comes from Australian Friesian Holstein cows. If I am not wrong, I saw this on the Greenfield’s milk. If you’ve noticed, most milk from Australia simply advertise themselves as made in Australia. I smelt a fish. You know what???? It’s true that the Greenfield’s milk is from Australian Friesian Holstein cows……but reared in Indonesia!!! Need I say more???


  1. do they meant no artifical trans fat instead? anyway, trans fat not as deadly as those chemical found in infant milk powder.

  2. There can be only ONE meaning when something is written as “Trans Fats FREE”. How do you know that trans fats is not as deadly as melamine? Overdosing on a long term basis is deadly.

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