Sun, Sea, Sand at East Coast Park

September 27, 2008

Here are some of the photos I took at East Coast Park the other day for my American friend…

September 08 (126)

This is East Coast Park, Singapore’s most famous and most visited park. You can swim in the sea, you can ride a bike or skate, you can stroll by the beach, you can pitch a tent and grope inside, and you can even have a barbeque here. If you don’t want to do any beachy activities, you can still dine at the fine dining Indian restaurants or at the numerous pubs around. And lastly, there is of course also the token MacDonalds there, dogs allowed.

September 08 (125) September 08 (127)

The sandy portion of the beach is not much, but we make do with what we have..

September 08 (133)

Oh yes, you can most definitely (try to) fish. Whether you catch anything is a separate issue.

September 08 (135)

Those are oil tankers and bulk carriers in the distance…

September 08 (128)

East Coast Park getting a makeover. Roads being widened so cyclists don’t barrel down pedestrians. Restaurants in the background.

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