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One-Ninety Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel

I love their buffet tasting menus….small tapas sized bites from the ala carte menu that you can order, again and again and again. The buffet tasting menu is about $68 for dinner.



Complementary bread

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Pea Soup

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Dessert was the best part. My favourite dish was the Strawberry Cobbler with Tomato. Tomato in dessert may sound weird, but let me dispel any fears, this cobbler is damn DELICIOUS! I ordered it 3 times. I know of no where else in Singapore that serves such good cobbler/pie. In fact, I don’t even know if any other place in Singapore serves cobbler!

Conquering Bukit Timah Hill

Everyone knows that Bukit Timah Hill is the tallest hill in Singapore, but did you know that it is not the tallest point in Singapore? Bukit Timah Hill rises to a stately (think Singapore!) height of 164 metres. However, UOB Plaza, Republic Plaza and OUB centre all tower over Bukit Timah Hill, at 280 metres.

August 08 (266)

“Base Camp”

Nevertheless, Bukit Timah Hill is still the tallest hill, and must be given due respect, ie, please go and climb it!! The place is really peaceful and quiet. You can actually hear the birds chirping and the cicadas, which is a rarity in Singapore. It doesn’t even feel like you are in Singapore. Who says Singapore doesn’t have nature and stuff, they just haven’t been to all our wonderful Nature Reserves and Parks! Look at this list of parks from the National Parks Board website. It’s a lie if you say you don’t know where to go on a weekend!

It is possible to take public transport to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, but it will be about a 15 minute walk to the “base camp”. We took a bus near town and stopped 1 stop after Beauty World. Then we had to cross an overhead bridge and follow the driving signs in. There is only a tiny shop selling hiking gear and drinks, so if you are hungry, eat before coming.

August 08 (249)

When you see this condo, stop the bus!

August 08 (255)

Yeah, for some reason there is no dedicated path to walk to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

There are actually many different trails that will eventually take you to the summit. The simplest trail is of course Trail A, which is basically a paved path sloping all the way to the top. In fact, the hardest part of climbing Bukit Timah Hill is actually right at the start. I think the incline is at least 30 degrees, if not even more. Mothers, please hold on to your baby prams tightly because if you let go, it will definitely be THE END. After the initial slopey slope, the rest is a gentle gradient up.

August 08 (265)

The red one is Trail A

August 08 (321)

It doesn’t look steep here, but it is.

Even though Trail A is the easiest, it will definitely leave you panting and in a sweat, if you seldom exercise. Cuz that’s what happened to me, although my partner was fine. We will have to go back again to try out the other Trails. I think most of the others are not nicely paved, so you walk on soil. There are also shot cut stairs to take you up faster, but of course, stairs would be more tiring than gentle incline.

August 08 (261)

Dirt tracks if you don’t want a paved road.

August 08 (275)

Short cut

August 08 (297)

Another short cut

There are lots of signboards to tell you about the local flora and fauna. Stop to read and enjoy the peaceful feeling.

August 08 (278) August 08 (283)

And finally, the summit. They say it takes about 1.5 hrs to scale the hill, but who cares about speed if you’re there to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere? I must warn you that the summit is a bit of a let down if you are expecting some sort of a view. The plain truth is that there is no view from the summit, because of all the tall trees. But still, it’s definitely worth the climb.

August 08 (287)August 08 (284) August 08 (291) August 08 (327)

Oh and beware of tigers….

All pictures taken using my Nokia E65 camera phone. Not too bad I must say.

Solar Lamp

The idea of free, renewable energy has always fascinated me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were such a thing, so you never have to pay for fuel? I really wish that someone out there would design some sort of an exercise bike which can convert the pedal power into real electricity! How cool would that be?? I am sure the technology exists, and I am so sure that it would be of great appeal. Just imagine a machine that will really motivate you to exercise by paying you, in free energy.

But anyway, today I found out that Carrefour sells Solar Powered lamps. And the most amazing thing is that it costs only $9. Not being one who spends on an impulse, I promptly bought a lamp. I mean I have been waiting for years for something like this! Apparently you can install this lamp in your garden or something. It  has a solar panel that will collect and store the solar energy in a rechargeable battery. And come night time, it will automatically switch itself on with the solar energy that was stored in the day time. How cool is that??? It’s currently sitting beneath my desk lamp and storing that energy as well. In time to come, I can even use this as a makeshift way to charge all my rechargeable batteries!!

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