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St Andrew’s Dental Surgeons

Bet you didn’t see this post coming….

Actually, it is of utmost importance. In order to be able to eat well and enjoy the process of eating, would it not be vital that you maintain a healthy set of pearly whites? Yesterday was my bi-annual dental check up. Yes boss, I didn’t skive off early to go for a job interview. I really went to see the dentist.

Going to the dentist isn’t exactly an enjoyable thing. I always feel such rush of relief when no cavities are found and the dentist can go ahead to polish my teeth. There was a period of time when I hadn’t visited the dentist for more than 2 years. It was pretty scary when I finally did go. Luckily all was fine. I realise that as long as I make the visits often enough, say twice a year, there would be nothing to worry about. I’m assuming a cavity takes time to develop??

Anyway, St Andrew’s is on my company’s list of approved dental clinics. A colleague recommended me this place and I’ve been going back since. I haven’t been to all that many dental clinics, but I quite like St Andrews. The clinic is nice, clean and comfortable. There is a waiting area with comfy chairs and lots of magazines to keep your mind off the impending check-up. There is a coffee machine although I don’t think you’ll be wanting that just before you bare your teeth to the dentist. There is a fish tank with colourful corals, if you need help calming down.

St Andrew’s recently moved from the 3rd floor of Amara Shopping Centre to the 11th floor of Amara Corporate Tower. So there is also a view to enjoy now. I like looking out at the Icon Condominium, one of my favourite condos. When I grow up, I’m going to get an apartment there.

St Andrew’s Dental Surgeons is a dental practice where there are numerous dentists with numerous consultation rooms, ie it’s not a one-man show. I won’t comment on the dentists here as I don’t think that would be appropriate. Suffice to say that I don’t see a need to change dentists or dental clinics for now.

St Andrew's Dental Surgeons - Waiting Area

Lots of travel and car magazines

St Andrew's Dental Surgeons - Waiting Area

Fish tank on the left, kiddo play area and waiting area on the right

St Andrew's Dental Surgeons - View from the dental chair

View of The Pinnacle @ Duxton from my dental chair. Check out the sunglasses on the table. That’s so that the bright lights don’t stun your eyes when you’re having your teeth yanked out.

St Andrew's Dental Surgeons - View of Amara Hotel Swimming Pool

While waiting for my dentist, I got off the dental chair to snap a picture of the Amara Hotel Pool. Quite nice huh.

St Andrew's Dental Surgeons - Reception Area

Reception area. The lift opens directly into the dental clinic.

St Andrew’s Dental Surgeons

Amara Corporate Tower#11-01
Amara Hotel 100 Tras Street
Singapore 079027
Tel: +65 6224 0055 FAX: +65 6226 2364

Mon – Fri: 8:30 – 19:00
Saturday : 8:30 – 15:00
Sunday and PH Closed

Meiji Milk

Meiji Milk is made in Thailand! 

Did you know that Meiji Milk is a product of Thailand? I’d always thought that the milk came from cows born and bred in Japan! I’ve always liked the milk from Meiji for its particularly unique taste. Can’t quite put my finger to it, except to say that it doesn’t taste like the usual fresh milk. It seems ever so slightly sweeter too. I checked the ingredient list (as I always do for everything that I buy at the supermarket) and it’s 100% fresh milk. I haven’t been drinking Meiji Milk for a few years. A friend once told me that milk should not be stored in bottles where the milk can be exposed to light. Apparently, light from the florescent tubes in the supermarket can cause the vitamins and minerals to break down. Also, the thick plastic bottles that Meiji uses isn’t all that good for the environment. These days I just go for Marigold Fresh FULL CREAM milk. And don’t let me get started on why it is better to drink full cream milk than skimmed milk.

Under the weather….

I’m suffering from a horrible cold right now. Half my head is clogged and my nose is like an uncontrollable tap which decides to turn on and off without warning. To make things worse, I still have a huge meeting to attend tomorrow. The consolation is at least I do not have a sore throat, and after tomorrow, I can rest to my heart’s content! My boss had generously told me that I can take 3 day’s worth of MC on Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Isn’t that wonderful?!?!

I don’t even know who I caught the cold from. None of my colleagues are sick. Interestingly, I managed to escape the flu bug every time it has hit my colleagues. I was just thinking how strong I was not to have fallen sick with a flu or cold for at least 1 year, despite infectious souls parading near me. I guess I gloated too soon. I sure hope I don’t pass on the bug either, for it’ll still be I who have to man the fort if my colleagues topple.

As with all other times that I fall ill, I try not to medicate unless absolutely necessary. So far, I’ve been drinking lemon juice with tea as well as lots of fruit juice and fruit and garlic. The garlic worked wonders the last time I thought I was going to get a sore throat. I think I just didn’t eat enough cloves this time, and it wasn’t raw enough either. BTW I think the best way to juice a lemon is to get one of those knobbly things and shove it in a cut lemon. I learnt another trick lately if you don’t have that implement. Cut a lemon in half and use tongs to squeeze it. To think I’ve been using a stupid spoon to try and scrape out the juice all this while!

I WILL get better tomorrow. I’m going for afternoon tea on Saturday and I ain’t postponing that!

ICC Cricket World Cup Finals

After our cuppa along Tanjong Katong Road, we took a short stroll and chanced upon a huge group of people crowded outside a restaurant. I had an inkling what it might be and I was right. These people were standing outside Tadka Indian Kitchen, and there was a flatscreen TV showing the Cricket World Cup Finals in there.

My father just couldn’t resist it and had to take a photo. The cricket fans were all game for a photo too and some of them even waved and clapped for the photo! I just love it the way sports fans are willing to rough it out just to catch their favourite game on TV. It’s definitely much more atmospheric watching sports in a group. Some might say that standing out here is more fun than watching it cooped up at home alone!

Tadka Indian KitchenTadka Indian Kitchen (2)

There’s kind of like a rich poor divide going on here. Those who can afford it sit inside the air-conditioned restaurant, while those who can’t, buy a beer from the 7-11 next door. Actually, I think nobody was drinking beer at all. Unlike the rowdy scenes along One Fullerton, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay for the Football World Cup, everyone here really was pretty orderly!

Welcome to 365days2play!

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