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Lemon Chorizo Pasta

Lemon Chorizo Pasta

Today we cooked pasta for lunch. I love cooking pasta because its so easy and it helps us finish all the weird bits of vegetables or meat that we can’t fit into other meals. We have a very systematic way of cooking at our place. The Partner is in charge of the dicing and slicing while I am in charge of the frying, stirring and sauce making.  Today’s sauce was extra easy because it was just lemon juice, olive oil and parmesan cheese. I had a bit of trouble squeezing the lemon using a spoon (no lemon squeezer here), but otherwise, it was easy peasy!

A lot of Singaporeans do not like cream based pastas as restaurants in Singapore tend to overdose on the cream, resulting in something that is too heavy for the Asian palate. In this case, a lemon and olive oil base would be just the thing as this is a very light dish.

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