Ice Magic Winter Wonderland – Yes it’s worth going!

January 4, 2024
A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of being invited to check out Ice Magic, the latest icy adventure in Singapore. Imagine an icy winter wonderland, right in the heart of sunny Singapore? The whole place is full of real snow and real ice, created by the very same snow machines from the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. If you’ve never seen real snow before, or don’t plan on having a winter holiday anytime soon, I highly recommend that you visit Ice Magic. It is totally worth the  $39 for 2hr 45 minutes.


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Here’s what you can expect
1. Singapore’s First Double-Lane Couple Ice Slide
2. Singapore’s Longest Snow Slope
3. Singapore’s first ever Merry-Go-Round on Ice
4. 5-lane Mini Ice Slides
5. Snowflakes falling in front of a picturesque wooden cottage scene
6. An enchanted night-scene at the last hour of each session

If you still need some more convincing……

3 more reasons why you should visit Ice Magic

Easiest and cheapest way to experience snow – You don’t have to spend on air tickets and hotel accommodations to experience snow. You don’t even have to visit a ski field to tube slide down a snow hill. It’ll be one of the most value for money $39 you will spend on entertainment in Singapore, and a unique experience at that.

It’s fun for both adults and children – This is one family activity that will be fun for both young and old. Let’s be frank, bringing you kids to the next big indoor playground will be fun for the kids, but not necessarily so for the adults. Ice Magic I guarantee you will leave you feeling like a child again. I must have taken multiple slides in my lifetime, but somehow it was just exhilarating and a little nerve wracking taking the ice slide for the first time! Who knew one could slide down so fast??

You don’t have to bring any winter gear – There will be jackets and winter boots available for rental (no additional charge), so you don’t have to buy or lug any heavy winter wear to enjoy Ice Magic. Gloves are not available but I would highly recommend that you bring yours, waterproof ones if you have so that you will have a more comfortable time touching or playing with the snow.

How cold is it at Ice Magic

You will be surprised to know that despite all that snow, it doesn’t actually feel that cold. This is because there is no wind inside Ice Magic, and wind is the culprit that makes you feel cold when you are on your overseas holiday. I would however recommend you to bring a good pair of waterproof gloves if you want to touch the snow. 

Also, for those with feet sized 40 and above, it’s best if you wear your own sports shoes into Ice Magic. Their boots that are sized 38 and below have a sturdy velcro strip at the ankles to close up the gap. However the size 40 and above boots do not have this velcro strip. I had a somewhat uncomfortable time when I had to trudge through the deeper snow areas because there was nothing to prevent the snow from getting into my boots and melting there. 

In any case, if the cold does get to you, there’s always the option of exiting the tent for a breather, and maybe a cup of hot chocolate too.  There’s a Winter Food Village & Arcade that is open to the public from 10am- 10pm, featuring several winter-themed food and drinks.


Is it suitable for young children?

Absolutely. It’s free entry for children under age 2. They will definitely love playing with the snow. There’s also the mini ice slides and mini skating rink for those that are able to toddle around. You will have to bring suitable winter wear for children under age 2 though as there is none provided onsite. If you’re not fussy, it’s also possible to use the smallest sized winter jacket and boots. The boots should be fine since there’s an adjustable velcro strap. The jackets might be oversized but will largely do the job of keeping kiddo warm.

Ice Magic : Winter Wonderland

Date: 9 Dec 2023 – 21 Jan 2024

Session Schedules: Session 1: 10am – 12.45pm
Session 2: 1pm – 3.45pm
Session 3: 4pm – 6.45pm

Address: Bayfront Event Space (beside Marina Bay Sands), 12A Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018970.
Venue entrance faces the Bayfront open-air carpark (the Wilson parking)

Tickets: Weekdays $19 – $39 (Seniors, Child, Adult)  | Weekend $39
Book your tickets at




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