Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Photos

The Partner was privileged to be able to get free tickets to visit the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark just after it opened on Thursday. It is called a SkyPark, but at this point in time, the park portion of the SkyPark (which

More graffiti!

More graffiti!!! Arghh……where are the authorities????? Ok these are better than those garish random scribbling, but still not good enough. The best vandalism I’ve seen was a huge montage of scenery pictures done in one of Singapore’s huge canals. I thought those


Today I finally made it to Italiannies after work. I thought it was at 313 Somerset, but it was actually at TripleOne, across the road. And speaking of TripleOne Somerset, it looked like a new mall outside, but only the 1st 2