Singapore Botanic Gardens

Let’s take a break from food photos for a while and let me indulge in my other favourite things to do in Singapore…visiting parks, museums and old buildings. Here’s some photos I took a few days back at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. You can always find something interesting to see and do if you just slow down and let the world go by. Someday soon, I plan to prepare a little picnic basket and have a nice homemade afternoon tea with the Partner at the Botanic Gardens. Why live, if it’s not to enjoy the little wonders in everyday life?

Shy tortoise basks on roots

Some animals wait for you to snap as many photos as you want, although they may still feel shy about it and tuck their heads in.

Bird sipping nectar from flowers

I was so lucky to be able to take numerous shots of this little birdie sipping nectar from the flowers. He was doing all sorts of acrobatics, sometimes sipping nectar while hanging upside down, not a metre away from me. Can anyone identify what this bird is?

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  1. bookjunkie says:

    I am amazed by your photos! I haven’t been to Botanic Gardens in a while and your post makes me want to go. Is that a humming bird? Am not sure.

    • 365days2play says:

      Thank you. I was really lucky to get the bird shots. Perhaps he was very hungry and didn’t want to fly away. The Partner thought it was a humming bird too. But I googled and the humming bird pictures always feature birds suspended in midair flapping away while sipping the nectar. This birdie has to perch on the stalk, so I guess it is not a hummingbird.

  2. It’s a lovely bird you have there! Here are some more shots of Singapore Botanical Garden at Hope you can drop by!

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