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Egg3 Cafe

It seems that nowadays, it’s not enough to open a simple cafe. Not only must the cafe serve good food and drinks, it’s also imperative to have an interesting theme to keep the visitors coming!

Egg3 Cafe has done just that by incorporating a furniture store into it’s cafe. Or, more accurately speaking, Egg3 used to just be a furniture store, but its owner really wanted to open a cafe as well, and voila, Egg3 Cafe was born!

When we visited last week, we managed to snag the last available table. It’s laudable for a cafe that has barely opened for 2 months, and for one that is located off the beaten path. Egg3 Cafe is tucked away in a spot so hidden, it’s easy to get lost if you don’t already know the area well, as was what happened to us. Scroll down for more directions on how to get there.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to the food.

Egg3 Cafe - Carrot Soup Soup of the day – Carrot Soup – $4.90  We found it to be very flavourful. You could even see crunchy bits of little carrot swimming around in this creamy soup. I just wish there was more soup for that price since it was so tasty!

Egg3 Cafe - Carrot Soup close up shot See the orangey bits of carrots?

Egg3 Cafe - Tuna SandwichGiven that I am not a fan of tuna, I must say that the Tuna Sandwich was also wonderful. The thick crusty bread really carried the flavours of the tuna well. And for $8.90, I thought it was  reasonably priced. For $8.90, you can also get chicken or egg & bacon sandwiches as well.

Egg3 Cafe Ham and Mushroom PastaOn the other hand, the ham and mushroom aglio olio pasta I ordered seemed a little pricey for $15.90. The dish tasted good. The pasta was al dente, light and not too oily, as aglio olio can sometimes be. They even spiced it up with some chilli flakes for some fiery zing. However, despite it all, I thought it just seemed a little too ordinary. Perhaps the tomato sauce or the cream sauce version (which they do offer for all their pasta options) may have been more interesting. Apart from spaghetti, fish and chips is the only other main course type of dish they offer.   Egg3 Cafe - Cafe Latte

The whole meal still ended well thanks to the lovely cafe latte $4.50 served. It was strong, and you could taste the coffee in it. (Don’t you just hate the coffee flavoured milk that some establishments pass off as cafe latte?) There was a hint of almond essence too, a very nice touch.

Egg3 Cafe Kitchen If possible, don’t choose a seat next to the kitchen or your clothes and hair will smell of oil!

Egg3 Cafe - Dining Area Bright and breezy dining area.

Egg3 Cafe - Furniture Area Wouldn’t you love to sit on that big arm chair sipping an iced-cold latte?

Egg3 Cafe
Block D, Mountbatten Centre, #01-06 231 Mountbatten Road
Tel: 6241-3823

Last order: 8.15 pm.

How to get to Egg3 Cafe: – Mountbatten Centre is the old Haig Boys School. You won’t be able to find it if you drive along Mountbatten Road. Instead, drive along Guillemard Road in the direction of town. After Fatty Weng and the Old Badminton Association which is now known as Guillemard Village, turn left into Guillemard Crescent. You should then be able to spot Mountbatten Centre where Egg3 Cafe is located.

Let the Games begin!

You know, I was under the impression that very few Singaporeans are interested in the Inaugural Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore. The comments I hear from the average Singaporean has been pretty much negative.  It certainly didn’t help when the horrendous and cheesy YOG cheer was aired on TV, which just gave everyone more fodder for complaining. No one that I know of plans to go watch the Games!

So I thought I’d have a breeze getting tickets to watch the games. Guess what? The last I checked, almost ALL the tickets for the Gymnastics prelims and finals have been SOLD OUT! I had to contend myself with a ticket for the preliminaries at 11am on a weekday! If no one is going to watch the games, then WHO IS HOGGING THE TICKETS? I thought it might be the schools, so I asked a couple of teacher friends I have. They don’t even have any tickets themselves!

So despite all the bad comments floating around, maybe actually there are LOTS of people who ARE interested in YOG! Perhaps it’s the complainers and negative people who have been getting the air-time since it is human nature to notice and remember only the bad! Which does say something about the YOG branding and marketing team huh. Despite their efforts to publicise the YOG, all Singaporeans are hearing is the bad stuff.

Today I was invited to go watch the YOG Opening Ceremony preview. It blew my mind how packed the grandstands at the Floating Platform were. Despite no goodie bag (they were handing out souvenir ponchos though) there was still a massive number of people willing to attend the festivities.

So there you go. Let’s all give the inaugural Youth Olympic Games more credit and respect. Let’s all actually be happy and proud that Singapore is hosting the Youth Olympic Games. It’s going to be awesome!

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