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Old Town White Coffee

As I mentioned in an earlier post several months back, there is indeed a dearth of cheap and good places in the East Coast Park area to have a cuppa and a snack when hunger pangs strikes at night. I mean there is only so many times you can go to McDonalds, and the East Coast Park McDonalds happens to be particularly dirty thanks to the sand and mud brought in by the beach goers.

On the previous occasion, we’d originally agreed to go to Old Town White Coffee, but we made the mistake of veering into Starbucks, where we encountered the $5 coffee, and the nondescript muffin. This time round, Old Town White Coffee it was.

Old Town White Coffee is famous for its White Coffee (obviously…..) but they also have Old Town White Tea for teetotallers. The Old Town flavour is distinctly different from that of Yakun and Killeney Kopitiam. The coffee we ordered was really strong and intense. In all aspects, it probably was a good cup of coffee, but I think I happen to prefer the more Singaporean type of coffee, if there is such a thing.

The Old Town White Tea on the other hand, was really terrible to me. No amount of sugar I added could mask the nastiness of the taste. Maybe it is an acquired taste, of which I think I will never acquire. The manager was kind enough to offer to change the tea to another freshly made cup of coffee at no extra charge.

Old Town White TeaOld Town White Coffee 

One’s Tea and one’s coffee but the colour seems to be the same huh.

 Old Town White Coffee - Butter Sugar Thick Toast

We substituted the Kaya Butter Thick Toast for Butter Sugar Thick Toast, which also cost the same $2.50. Thought it was rather expensive even though the bread is larger than other coffee joints. I’m 99% sure the yellow spread wasn’t butter though, which is quite bad because I have a policy not to eat margarine. I still stand by my opinion that ToastBox serves the best butter sugar toast.

 Old Town White Coffee - Menu

Old Town White Coffee is like the Killeney Kopitiam chain, where you are able to get local meal delights such as Old Town Rendang Chicken Rice $8.50,  Hainanese Chicken Chop with Flavoured Rice $8.80 and Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun $6.20. They also seem to have a large selection of non traditional drinks like soda floats.

Old Town White Coffee Cafe at Big Splash

Old Town White Coffee outlet at Big Splash Singapore

Old Town White Coffee

Blk B, Unit #01-04/05 Big Splash, 902 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449874

Tel:+65 6344 4404

Mon – Thur & Sun : 8am –11 pm, Fri – Sat : 8am – 12am

Also available at Bukit Timah, Cineleisure, Far East Plaza, Jurong Point, Suntec City and Toa Payoh

YOG Gymnastics Finals!

BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! Important Announcement

This is 365days2play reporting. Once the YOG is over, this channel will resume normal Food Blog transmission….

I was really really really lucky to be able to receive a pair of complementary tickets to the YOG Gymnastics Finals on Sunday 22 August 2010. A friend wanted to bribe me with dinner in exchange for one of the tickets, but my mother had already staked her claim on it. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t have sold the tickets even if I was offered $1000! (Ok maybe I would do that and then buy another ticket back for $200? Ha…)

We arrived earlier this time round to get good seats. They were giving out the YOG noise makers at the door. (Finally, my very own YOG noise maker! I can be at peace now.) The atmosphere was even better than the qualifying rounds. The hosts were busy getting the crowd into the mood, not that the spectators needed much help. Even before the gymnasts were out, there were already wolf whistles, screams, cheers and lots of noise making. I swear it was akin to attending a pop concert!

A colleague asked me, what’s so interesting about watching kids compete in sports? Well the thing is I don’t view them as merely kids. To me, this feels like the real Olympics. I’m witnessing real athletes perform with strength, grace, determination and skill. These athletes just happen to be young!

Anyway, here are some highlights from the Artistics Gymnastics Individual Apparatus Finals.

YOG Gym Indiv Apparatus Finals - Spectator Stands Gymnastics Finals spectator stands

YOG Gymnastics Queue

Long queue for last minute seats…

YOG Reserved SeatsHopefully they all managed to get tickets because this amount of space x 2 was cordoned off waiting for them. 

YOG Gym Indiv Apparatus Finals - Viktoria Komova on Beam Viktoria Komova on the Beam

YOG Gym Indiv Apparatus Finals - Jessica Hogg on Floor

Jessica Hogg on the Floor

YOG Gym Indiv Apparatus Finals - Sam Oldham looks on Sam Oldham of Great Britain looks on

YOG Gym Indiv Apparatus Finals - Parallel Bars

Parallel Bars finals – My favourite one is Andrei Muntean of Romania. No photo as I taped it instead.

YOG Gym Indiv Apparatus Finals - Women's Floor Medallists

Tan Sixin, Diana Bulimar and Viktoria Komova – medallists for Women’s Floor Finals. Man I want a Merly…

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