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Craig’s Place at Tanjong Pagar

I can’t believe that such a quaint little place has existed in Singapore for so long without me knowing about it! This goes to show that Singapore has many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered!

Craig's Place (2)Craig’s place looks a little like Emerald Hill road behind Orchard Road, minus the mindboggling crowds. The little pathway flanked by the 3 storey shop houses is paved with cobble stones, adding to its quaintness. There are 2 well-known restaurants (both happen to be Australian themed) on either side of Craig’s Place. One is Uluru and the other is BROTH – Bar Restaurant on The Hill. These sprout into life at night when the dinner crowds descend. Otherwise, Craig’s place seems to be pretty dead in the daytime.

What Craig’s Place lacks is a good cafe for people to enjoy during the day time. Craig’s Place seems wastefully underutilized in the day time! I can just imagine sitting outside on a deck chair sipping a glass of ice-latte, book in hand under the shady trees with birds chirping in the background. Alas, that is a dream for now until some enterprising person opens a cafe here. Be sure to send me an invite!

Craig's Place

Btw, Craig’s Place is just off Craig Road, Duxton Road and Tanjong Pagar Road. These roads are flanked with shop houses containing lots of restaurants and pubs, but unfortunately very few cafes. Craig’s Place specifically, has no cafe that I know of.

BROTH - Bar Restaurant on The Hill

BROTH – Bar Restaurant on The Hill. We went past it at night when it was open. The decor and lighting looked exactly like the type of place I would love to dine at. Ambience and atmosphere rank highly on my scoreboard, especially if you have to pay restaurant prices. Good food is a must, but good food alone just won’t cut it. BROTH is only open during Lunch and Dinner hours and not opened on Sundays at all. What a waste! This would have been a nice place to enjoy a cuppa in the day time!

The Toucan Irish PubThe Toucan Irish Pub is just off Craig’s Place. Looks like they have a 1 dine’s free for every 2 paying customers promotion going on.

Down and Out Birdie

Down and Out PigeonSpotted this pigeon while we were exploring Craig’s Place. The poor birdie looks spent. What a rough week it must have had. It probably didn’t manage to escape the drizzle this morning. It didn’t even try to fly away when I moved nearer, and only managed to hobble a few steps in the time we spent taking pictures of Craig’s Place.

Black Earth Restaurant & Wine revisited

Having had a good time at Black Earth 2 months back, we decided to revisit again to try out more of their menu selections. I really wanted to try their Pan-Seared Lamb Rack, which the Partner ordered previously and enjoyed tremendously.

Alas, there was no Lamb Rack to be had since the next shipment was stuck somewhere overseas. So once again, I decided to order from the Seafood Creamed Pasta from the ala-carte menu, while the Partner tried the Sirloin Steak with Honey Mustard Sauce from the set-menu.

It was our lucky day when the waitress offered us some wine to sample. I thought it would be just a small amount, but it turned out to be 1 full glass of red wine and white wine! The red wine was nice, and went well with the sirloin steak that the Partner ordered. I didn’t like the white wine although the Partner thought it was okay. But anyway, what do I know about wine. I just drink and enjoy. None of that sniffing and swirling thing for me thank you.

Black Earth - Seafood Cream Penne

At Black Earth, they allow you to choose your desired pasta type (penne, fettuccine), sauce (cream, tomato, basil) and meat (seafood, chicken etc). So I chose creamed fettucine with seafood. It was a bit hilarious when I realised only half-way through the dish that I’d been served penne pasta instead of fettuccine! While I generally prefer cream sauce, most places overdose on the cream, which results in you feeling sickly full halfway through the meal. This pasta here on the contrary had a very light touch to the cream. As you can see from the picture, you can barely notice any cream, except for the whitish sheen if you scrutinise closely.

Black Earth - Sirloin Steak

The Partner liked the Sirloin Steak very much. As with the Lamb Rack he ordered previously, the sauce was really flavourful and just brightened the dish tremendously. There was also another hilarious episode with the Sirloin Steak. The Partner had originally ordered it to be cooked medium rare. However, he was served a Well-Done steak. The waitress remembered our order correctly, so she removed the steak and went to the kitchen to check. Less than 1 minute later, the Partner was served a new piece of steak.

Wow, were we served someone else’s steak by mistake? How could the new steak have taken only 1 minute to cook? But the even more amazing part was that we were the last customers there, having arrived pretty late for lunch. Who was the mysterious steak supposed to be served to? Anyway, it was an acceptable doneness for the Partner, so that was that.

Or so we thought, until when 5 minutes later, a 3rd steak was served to us! The Chef, clearly a perfectionist, must have felt that the 2nd steak was medium rather than medium rare, and so prepared a 3rd one. That is so weird! But we were heartened by the efforts of the chef so the 2nd steak was returned and the 3rd one received.

Black Earth - Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee ice-cream to end off an interesting meal.


Click here to read the review of my 1st visit to Black Earth Restaurant.

Black Earth Restaurant & Wine

367 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427612

11.30 – 2.30 lunch

6.00 – 10.00 dinner

Closed on Mondays

Tel: 6346-4558

Black Earth - Red Wine

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