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Awfully Chocolate

Never really understood the hype about Awfully Chocolate’s chocolate cake.

It all started when the owner of the brand got tired of chocolate cakes that were less cake and more mousse and cream instead. I too hate the frivolous use of mousse and cream, where’s the bite in that? She had a vision of a chocolate cake that was substantially cake, one with a rich chocolate taste, yet not so sweet as to be offputting. This cake was to be an object of desire. And so, she came up with what is now Awfully Chocolate’s signature chocolate cake. Layers of chocolate fudge between layers of chocolate sponge.

Awfully Chocolate chocolate cake

Admittedly, the cake does have more substance than a chocolate mousse and cream cake. I performed the Squish test on it, a very scientific method where I used my spoon to squash the cake down. The cake yielded a few mm. PASS.

And yes I would also have to agree that it is a cake that is not so sweet, so you do not run the risk of getting sick of it after a few mouthfuls. PASS

HOWEVER, and here’s the clincher, the cake just doesn’t taste THAT great to me. Frankly speaking, it tastes like chocolate kueh rather than chocolate cake. It definitely looks chocolatey enough, but to me, it didn’t feel like I’d had my daily dose of chocolate after eating the cake. I’m still hankering after a chocolate drink at this point in time. Maybe the sweet tooth in me just can’t process the idea of a chocolate cake that isn’t sweet.

Maybe I have to start my own business selling rich dense chocolatey chocolate cakes for sweet tooths. In the meantime, if you’re craving for a rich, sweet and dense chocolate cake, these are my all time favourite chocolate cakes in Singapore:-

1. Coffee Club – Viennese Chocolate Cake $5

2. Canele – Le Royale $7

3. Cafe Epicurious – Devil’s Chocolate cake (flourless and has mascarpone cream in it!)

The Highlander

Realise that I didn’t manage to post about The Highlander at Clarke Quay even though I went there several months ago during the World Cup.

Food-wise, I think the Highlander can sometimes suffer from inconsistency. The 1st time we went there and had their ribeye steak, it was so delicious and tender we swore to go back again soon. When we were there during the World Cup, the steak was just so so.


 Highlander (2)

They were supposed to give a blob of herbed butter, but they forgot.

What I do like about Highlander is that you can get some interesting Scottish side dishes like tattie scones, scotched eggs and haggis. Also, it’s nice to sit at their al-fresco dining area. Because the Clarke Quay central walkways are air-conditioned, we get to enjoy al-fresco dining minus the heat! Not many places to do that in Singapore and Clarke Quay is one such place to do it!


Block 3B The Foundry #01-11 Clarke Quay River Valley Road Singapore 179021

Tel: 6235 9528

Highlander Facebook

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