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Baits Restaurant (Din Tai Fung)

After reaching the end of the Sentosa Boardwalk, we paid $1 each and entered Sentosa. I was dying for something to eat, but Resorts World was so huge. For a while I couldn’t even find the escalators to go to the top floor, which got me even more hot and bothered. Stopped at the 1st restaurant we saw, even though I wanted something more cafe like.

Turns out that Baits Restaurant is actually Din Tai Fung, albeit a Din Tai Fung with a somewhat expanded repertoire of dishes. The usual suspects, aka Xiao Long Bao were of course available. We took the opportunity to try things we normally wouldn’t get at the usual Din Tai Fung outlets.

Baits Restaurant - Singapore Noodles

There was this dish called Singapore noodles. Now, everyone in Singapore knows that there’s no such thing as Singapore noodles! That’s something conjured up by restaurants in foreign lands! So I was quite shocked to see this dish on the menu, and we just had to order it. I have no idea if what we had was “authentic” or not. What is the meaning of authentic anyway? It was nonetheless a very delicious plate of fried bee hoon with shredded egg, shrimps and pork.

Baits Restaurant - Xiao Bai Cai

Xiao Bai Cai stir fried with garlic. Loads and loads of garlic to chase the sniffles away!

Baits Restaurant - Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao – The usual suspects

Baits Restaurant

Some springroll thingy with ham. Tasted very good!

Baits Restaurant - Honeydew Juice and Apple Juice

Fresh Honeydew juice and fresh apple juice

Baits Restaurant (2)

Claypots galore

Baits Restaurant (3)

Baits Restaurant - Dying Fish

I wonder if they served the dying fish to some unsuspecting diner?

On the whole, we were pretty satisfied with the quality of food. It’s the Din Tai Fung standard. Service could have been improved. We managed to get one of the last few empty tables during lunch. Those poor people after us had to line up to wait. The staff proceeded to shoo them outside to wait in the heat instead as they were clogging up the front entrance.

Also the restaurant seemed short handed. It took a while to get the attention of any staff as they were flying all over the place trying to deliver the freshly cooked dishes. It looks like the restaurant is so big the staff have to walk a long way! They got all our orders right, which was good. I asked for extra chillies and I was so afraid that they would forget my order, but surprisingly, the chillies were duly delivered!

Baits Restaurant

Resorts World Sentosa

26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-217/222

Tel: 6686 3565

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Where are the cafes on Sunday?

After our lovely brunch at the Botanic Gardens today, we decided to drive out and find a cafe somewhere in town. By the way did you notice how wonderful the weather was today? Even after ascending a steep hill, I did not break out into a sweat, it was that cooling!

We drove and drove and drove, and to our horror, all the cafes I knew off were closed on Sundays. We went past Chef Icon, Highlander and Broun Cafe, and they were all shuttered! Only 40Hands was open, but it was crowded as can be. We would have had to drink our coffees in the car! It’s crazy when you know how off the beaten path 40Hands is. Tiny Island mentioned that the newly opened Loysel’s Toy was also super crowded on the weekend when she went, and that too is off the beaten track.

Now I know that I said that the cafe scene is proliferating, but the Sunday Cafe scene is miserable! Cafes out there, we need you to open on Sundays! As you can see, cafes that stay open on Sundays are doing a roaring trade. Don’t lose out!

It seems a tad wasteful that there are wonderful cafes located in Shenton Way but they are all closed on Sundays and Saturdays even. I just wish there was a way to make it economical to open on Sundays. I know Shenton Way is a ghost town on the Weekends, as its the business district. But if I am searching for a cafe in town, surely there are others like me out there too?

What do you think? Would you go to Shenton Way to have a cuppa on Sunday?

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