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Four Seasons Hotel Wedding

I can’t believe a week has past since my wedding at 4 Seasons hotel! Months and months of preparation all leading up to this grand day. It was really a whirlwind affair, memorable no doubt because I have been talking non-stop about it to anyone who wants to listen! I have so much to blog about that I don’t even know where to start, which is kind of the reason why one week has elapsed without me writing anything.

I’ll get round to detailing everything, but for now I’m revelling in my regained free time! It’s back to binging again during the weekends, swimming during daylight hours without fearing getting tanned, and just basically having more time to catch up on my favourite activities like blogging and baking!

For now, let me leave you with photos of the Four Seasons Wedding Lunch Banquet. Photos are all courtesy of my official wedding photographer Daniel Beh. Absolutely love love love the Four Seasons Ballroom, with its full length windows on one side. It’s a cosy size too, high ceiling without any pillars, max tables is 32, but we had a really comfortable and spacious ballroom with only 22 tables. I have to count my lucky stars that we managed to get this beautiful ballroom without having to guarantee a much higher table count. I am itching for someone to get married at Four Seasons and invite me so that I can relive the memories again! Smile Smile Smile

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Ballroom

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