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Four Seasons Wedding Dinner

My cousin recently got married at the Four Seasons Hotel and I was really happy to be able to partake in the happy occasion, not just because well it’s my cousin’s wedding, but because I myself got married at the Four Seasons Hotel 3 years ago and I have been waiting for an opportunity to relive the experience again from a guest’s point of view minus all the hair-pulling stress!

I think I might have mentioned before that I really love the Four Seasons Grand ballroom for the high ceiling, arched windows and decor. It’s great to have a wedding lunch at Four Seasons because the arched windows let in natural daylight, something that few hotel ballrooms can boast of I’m sure. Plus the minimum tables that you have to guarantee is 22 for lunch and 25 for dinner (approx there I think), which is not too difficult to hit (as compared to other hotels) to get the grand ballroom. And have you seen the sitting lounge area, love the decor there, and it’s similar up in the rooms as well! Gosh how I wish I can have another staycation at Four Seasons Hotel again!

Anyway let me leave you to enjoy the pictures of the wedding and wedding dinner. Smile

Four Seasons Hotel Wedding Dinner (1)

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My Dream Wedding Pre-Wedding Photos

I’m in such a wedding mood again after attending my good friend’s wedding on Saturday that I decided to blog a little more about my own wedding! I realise I haven’t shared any of my Pre-Wedding photos so this post is going to be all about that. I’m a little shy so I’ll just post a few pictures for now. Maybe I’ll post a few more later depending on my mood.

I would just like to give a shout out to My Dream Wedding. They did a FANTASTIC job on the wedding photos! I love all the wedding photos I had, and it was really difficult to have to sieve through the lot to select the 35 shots that came with the wedding package! Kudos to Jackson my photographer, Charmaine my makeup artist, as well as the ever patient Aven (wedding dress coordinator) who kindly let me try on nearly the entire wardrobe of wedding dresses.

I thought Charmaine did an exemplary job on my make up. The make up looked so natural on me, if only I could look as pretty every single day! Jackson was tireless in the number of shots he took for us, trying to get us to smile and to position ourselves at the right angles so as to look the most flattering! I can tell you it is not an easy job when you could so easily close one eye and just simply snap the shot. I enjoyed the process tremendously and I was still raring to have more photographs taken even towards the end!

PS: This is not a sponsored post! I truly mean what I say when I say I love my Pre-Wedding Photos! (I mean what I say in every single post, but just in case you need some assurance!)

365days2play's Pre-Wedding Photos (3)

Picture of myself first, since this is, ahem, my blog… If I may say so, I love this shot to bits!

Okay you gotta click into the post if you wanna see more pictures! Smile

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Sweet Moments Candybar

I love whimsical weddings and I have a soft spot for Candybars after the amazing experience I had at my own wedding. I didn’t really get to enjoy the full glory of my wedding Candybar, as you can well imagine that I was everywhere but at the Candybar entertaining my wedding guests! The Candybar goodies were completely wiped out by the time the wedding ended, and I was quite regretful that I did not even manage to save a single morsel to reminisce. Only pictures remind me of the wonderful array we had that day.

So when I heard that my good friend was going to have a Candybar catered by Sweet Moments for his wedding at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, I was overjoyed. Apparently he took inspiration from my wedding, woo hoo! Pay back time Mister! I was going to take the opportunity to raid his candy bar and enjoy it to the fullest!

Sweet Moments Candybar (18)

My friend had a whopping 14 different varieties of candy, chocolates and marshmallows! This was in addition to the chocolate fountain as well as strawberries too! What a feast! As you can see, my friend chose a very pink theme!

Sweet Moments Candybar (15)

Sourballs – Grapefruit & Watermelon

No matter whether young or old, candy bars will never fail to put a smile on anyone’s face! I really do think that candy bars will become the de rigeur for all weddings in the future, just like champagne pouring or having a wedding cake! Remember you heard it here first!

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Wedding Candybar

For a good part of the wedding, I’d been cracking my brains to come up with something creative yet still wedding worthy if you know what I mean. Didn’t really want a live band or singers because seriously, you spend a bomb and people hardly even notice that they’re there. Those who do happen to sit near the stage and I know of people who have complained of the noise!

I wanted something a little whimsical, to sort of make me feel better that I didn’t get to have a garden wedding. A garden wedding is something that is so pretty, and I think most brides would consider it, but to be realistic, most guests hate garden weddings thanks to the Singapore weather! And trust me, as a bride, you don’t want to be worrying about whether it’s going to rain either. I made the decision not to have a garden wedding, but I still wanted to have my cake and eat it.

And that’s when I thought of having a candy bar! It doesn’t seem such a common thing for now, and I hope I’m one of the first few to set the trend going! One of the best parts about preparing for my wedding were the parts where I was researching on candy bars. So many whimsical and eye popping candy bars pictures out there!! With all manner of variations from the types of candy to whether you want biscuits, macarons, cupcakes, canapes and what have you!

JOandJARS (11)

I was so lucky to be able to get a sponsor JOandJARS to come set up a Candy Bar for my wedding! Check out the little goodies they provided!

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Four Seasons Hotel Wedding

I can’t believe a week has past since my wedding at 4 Seasons hotel! Months and months of preparation all leading up to this grand day. It was really a whirlwind affair, memorable no doubt because I have been talking non-stop about it to anyone who wants to listen! I have so much to blog about that I don’t even know where to start, which is kind of the reason why one week has elapsed without me writing anything.

I’ll get round to detailing everything, but for now I’m revelling in my regained free time! It’s back to binging again during the weekends, swimming during daylight hours without fearing getting tanned, and just basically having more time to catch up on my favourite activities like blogging and baking!

For now, let me leave you with photos of the Four Seasons Wedding Lunch Banquet. Photos are all courtesy of my official wedding photographer Daniel Beh. Absolutely love love love the Four Seasons Ballroom, with its full length windows on one side. It’s a cosy size too, high ceiling without any pillars, max tables is 32, but we had a really comfortable and spacious ballroom with only 22 tables. I have to count my lucky stars that we managed to get this beautiful ballroom without having to guarantee a much higher table count. I am itching for someone to get married at Four Seasons and invite me so that I can relive the memories again! Smile Smile Smile

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Ballroom

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