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BreadSociety by BreadTalk

Bread Society (2)

Have you heard of Bread Society? You might have seen Bread Society at Ion Orchard when walking towards the Wheelock side. Bread Society has opened another branch at the newly renovated Suntec City, and they’ve managed to snag a very prime location just outside the Esplanade MRT station, kind of near where TCC used to be.

Did you know that Bread Society is owned by BreadTalk? I had no idea until I attended the tasting session last week! And all along, I’d thought that Bread Society was some competitor after the lucrative bakery business. Bread Society focuses more on artisanal, European-styled breads whereas BreadTalk bakeries focus more on local, soft buns type products, with seasonal promo products.

Come to think of it, there may be many cafes and cake shops sprouting out all over Singapore, but there are hardly any new bakeries who have set up shop. You may not realise it but it takes way more capital investment to start a bakery as compared to a cake shop. You need huge ovens to bake all those breads, you need dough mixes, dough rollers, proofers and huge fridges. To start a cake shop, the minimum you just need is a dough mixer and oven! And after all that effort, how much can you sell the bread for? Less than $3 if it’s a bun sized thing and less than $10 for sure, if it’s some artisanal loaf.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the breads and danishes available at Bread Society. Enjoy!

Bread Society - Blueberry Croissant

Blueberry Croissant

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