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April 15, 2015

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airweave, the top-selling premium bedding topper from Japan, is best known for its range of innovative mattress toppers and pillows. This year, airweave also introduces the new airweave futon, especially designed to be laid directly on tatami straw mats or on the floor.

Although airweave futons can be placed directly on tatami straw mats or on the floor, it produces the same unique high-resilience weight dispersing core material as airweave’s toppers. The latest airweave futons are 6.5cm thick and even firmer than the standard airweave toppers. Creating the feeling that users are "sleeping on air", the airweave futons employ the latest technology and materials in the industry, weaving together resin fibres for an innovative design that’s 90% air. The highly resilient three-dimensional resin fibres also allow users to roll over with ease, maintaining deeper slumber. The technology also provides superior breathability and excellent dispersion of moisture to keep users cool and comfortable in Singapore’s tropical climate.

Paula Creamer and CEO and President of airweave, Mr. Motokuni Takaoka

Paula Creamer and CEO and President of airweave, Mr. Motokuni Takaoka sitting on the airweave futon. Hmmm, I wonder if I should get this futon and lay it straight on my parquet floor, instead of buying a bed for my spare room? This might just save me from having to pay for a bed frame!

Launched in Singapore in 2014, the mattress toppers continue to be the company’s best-selling product globally, with over 150,000 sold in Asia the past year. airweave, which was established in November 2004, has grown over the years and is now Japan’s leading producer of bedding toppers and supplier to the world’s top athletes, luxury hotels and first-class airline cabins. It is the preferred bedding topper brand for elite athletes, such as Paula Creamer, one of the world’s best female golfers.

airweave sponsored the HSBC Women’s Champions

Paula Creamer, one of the world’s best female golfers, brand ambassador for airweave, started using airweave after a traffic accident in 2013. After the accident, she experienced acute pain in her back and neck, causing her to have sleepless nights. After using the airweave, within a matter of weeks, her pain had eased. Paula loves her airweave so much, she even takes it on her trips, ensuring her a good night’s worth of quality sleep. I should know about trying to fall asleep when you have a painful back. Several years back, I had some back problems where even sitting down was painful! It can be excruciating when no matter how you toss and turn, there seems to be no comfortable spot to lie in!

The airweave futon is available for purchase in Singapore, at Isetan Scotts and at Takashimaya with prices starting from $1,270.

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