Bergen–Bryggeloftet Restaurant

November 1, 2011

Just in case you were expecting food reviews on this blog and there seems to be none in the last few posts, I am currently on holiday in Norway. I’ve done Oslo and I returned yesterday from Copenhagen Denmark. I’m moving on to the last leg of my trip, which is the scenic fjords and mountain bit.

Here’s some food pictures to keep us going meanwhile. Food prices in Norway are exorbitant by Singapore’s standards. There’s just no running away from this, believe me I’ve tried. Just to give some perspective, a McDonald’s meal would cost around S$15 if not more. Cafe Latte/Hot Chocolate is at least S$8 for the simplest of cafes. A main course at a restaurant of say chicken would cost S$40 or more. I bought a sandwich from the supermarket the other day and it cost S$20. It’s okay, after a few days, you will become numb to the $$$ and start living it up.

Anyway, when you got to eat, you got to eat. This is what I enjoyed yesterday upon arriving in Bergen, Norway. I’m just thankful that my air ticket cost only S$450, which is why I am holidaying in this cold country at this time of the year!

Bryggeloftet - Reindeer

That’s rudolph’s relative there on the plate (approx S$20)… My 1st time eating reindeer I believe. Deer meat is very common in Europe. Reindeer doesn’t seem to have a very strong taste. The texture is similar to beef, but perhaps a bit tougher. On the whole, pretty enjoyable.

Bryggeloftet - Bacalao

Bacalao (approx S$40) — Dried cod fish stew. Very nice. I love the tomato base and it had a touch of spice to it which was pleasing since I have not had something spicy in a while! This was the lunch portion. The ladies who ordered the dinner portion when we were about to leave had a plate double the size of this, and double the price! I have no idea how they could finish that as we had trouble polishing off everything ourselves!

Bryggeloftet - Norwegian Fish Soup (1)

Bryggeloftet - Norwegian Fish Soup (2)

Norwegian Fish Soup (approx S$40) — I loved this as well. Hearty and hot soup that really helped to chase the cold weather away. Lots of shrimps, a bit of fish and 4 mussels. They eat a lot of shrimps here. Don’t think I’ve seen large prawns yet. I broke pieces of the bread and dunked it into the soup. The soup was thick í¿et not too creamy. Fantastic.

Bryggeloftet - Bread basket

Bryggeloftet (1)

Bryggeloftet (2)

Bryggeloftet (8)

These Scandinavian restaurants and hotels tend to make use of wood a lot as it’s easily available here.

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