Toast Box banana cake

Toast Box Banana Cake

Nothing like a slice of banana cake and a steaming hot cup of tea to chase the grey clouds away. The Toast Box banana cake certainly is cheap, and for the price, it’s tolerable. I don’t think I’ve ever had really good store bought banana cake before. Does anyone know of any good places to have some? But as with Kaya, the best banana cake is a home made banana cake.

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4 Responses to “Toast Box banana cake”

  1. Oishi Perth says:

    I love the toast box banana cake too. I live in Perth, Western Austalia but I travel to Malaysia/Singapore every year just for the banana cake!

  2. sky yeo says:

    You are not kidding when you said you travel to Singapore/Malaysia just for the toast box banana cake? Their banana cake is so “hard” and it does not taste good at all. I think Carousal Perth has this bakery called BreadTop and they are really really good. Their breads are so cottonly soft. You must try.

    • 365days2play says:

      Lol…the Toastbox banana cake is nothing to shout about, although I’ve never found it to be hard. Any good recommendations in Singapore ?

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