Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (Full list)

April 14, 2019

Have you been to see Jewel Changi Airport yet? I must say this building is pretty amazing and has literally been the talk of the town and on everyone’s Instagram feeds in the past few days. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get the preview tickets, because Jewel opens officially to the public on 17 April 2019. Also, don’t be too afraid of the crowd. Yes, it is crowded but Jewel is SO HUMONGOUS, it’s easy to find spaces where there isn’t a crowd.

There is still space to find a seat at most cafes and restaurants because firstly there are so many, more than 280 F&B outlets, and secondly, most people are there to just take in the sights and of course get that perfect shot of the mesmerising HSBC Rain Vortex. Don’t you call it a fountain or even a waterfall because those words do not accurately describe its scale and magnificence. This is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 40m so give it its due respect and call it the Rain Vortex.

The only place where I thought it was truly crowded without an empty seat in sight was the lower two basement floors housing most of the casual eateries. But there are many other F&B’s dotted around Jewel’s upper levels, cafes and casual eateries included, so if you want to skip the queue, you know where to go.

Here’s a list of all the cafes available at Jewel Changi Airport. Glad to report there are quite a few new to Singapore names.

  • AC Kafe (Coming Soon) #04-223
  • Birds of Paradise (Takeaway counter only) #01-214
  • Cafe Amazon #04-225
  • Cafe Mrozoff #04-200
  • Cafe & Meal Muji #02-227/228/229
  • Cedele Bakery Kitchen #B1-259
  • Coffee @ Works #02-0237
  • D’Good Cafe #01-227
  • Dal.Komm Coffee #B1-276
  • Fun Toast #04-246
  • JW360 — #01-223/224/225
  • Lady M #02-253
  • Naiise Iconic (Coming Soon) #02-205/206
  • O’Coffee Club Roastery #03-216/218
  • Paris Baguette Signature #1-200 (24 hrs)
  • Pazzion Cafe #B1-243/244
  • Signature Koi #01-K206 (24 hrs)
  • Starbucks #01-K207 (24 hrs)
  • Starbucks #02-204 (not 24 hrs)
  • Toastbox #B2-231 (24 hrs)

Contrary to Changi Airport Terminal 3, only a few cafes are 24 hrs. Most of the cafes open at 10am and close at 10pm. Even Starbucks Reserve closes at 11pm although there is another Starbucks 1 floor down that opens 24 hrs. But most interesting is the Signature Koi. For Koi and bubble tea lovers, this is probably one of the precious few bubble tea outlets that offers a seating area? And not only that, it is 24 hrs! TP Tea at Changi Airport Terminal 2 was the 1st bubble tea shop to open 24 hours, and now Koi The has joined the ranks. Yay!

Scroll down for pictures of the various cafes. Apologies for the not so stellar pictures with lots of people blocking the way, but Jewel is so humongous, if I had to wait to take a picture perfect shot, I would be there from morning to evening! As it was, I spent more than 2 hrs covering the 7 floors of retail and F&B outlets.

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (1)

Birds of Paradise (Takeaway counter only) #01-214

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (6)

Cafe Amazon #04-225

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (16)

Cafe Mrozoff #04-200

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (8)

Cafe & Meal Muji #02-227/228/229

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (13)

Cedele Bakery Kitchen #B1-259

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (3)

Coffee @ Works #02-0237

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (15)

D’Good Cafe #01-227

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (11)Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (12)

Fun Toast #04-246

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (17)

JW360 — #01-223/224/225

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (19)

Lady M #02-253

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (14)

Paris Baguette Signature #1-200 (24 hrs)

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (18)

Pazzion Cafe #B1-243/244 by the shoe shop people?!

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (2)

Signature Koi #01-K206 (24 hrs)  – My favourite bubble tea brand!

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (7)

Starbucks #01-K207 (24 hrs)

Jewel Changi Airport Cafes (9)

Starbucks #02-204 (not 24 hrs)

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Jewel Changi Airport

78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666

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