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July 26, 2019

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For the longest time ever, I have been wanting to find a solution to my thinning crown. Even prior to giving birth to Edward, I had considered consulting various professional hair treatment services that are popular in the market. However, a couple of things bugged me. One was obviously the exorbitant cost, made worse by the fact that you need several treatments before actually seeing results. Second being that I have had conflicting feedback from friends, some claiming that the treatments are just gimmicks and don’t really work. In the end, I never did visit any hair treatment businesses due to sheer inertia and doubtfulness.

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Thankfully, recently I was approached by Bee Choo Origin to try out their hair treatment services. To be frank, I only had a vague impression of Bee Choo Origin as being some neighbourhood hair care business near my parents’ place. I was wondering why they would contact me for a collaboration. I did a brief check, and to my surprise, Bee Choo Origin actually has 7 outlets in Singapore and many more in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China and even South Korea! Not bad for a business that was established only in 2000 as a home-based business with just a stand-alone steamer!

Not surprisingly, the outlet that I visited was pretty full at 11am on a weekday. I noted a couple of younger customers but most were middle-aged or older. The outlet looked "neighbourhood looking" but they are young at heart because they provide free wifi!

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A lady came to conduct a scalp analysis on my scalp. The advanced microscopic scalp analysis device is able to magnify up to 300x. It was shocking to see up close and personal how bad my scalp was. First of all, it was very oily. Although it didn’t feel oily to me, you could certainly see that many of the hair strands were coated with oil at the base near the roots. The thing is, an oily scalp is one of the leading causes of hair loss, and in order to stem the hair loss, one has to ameliorate this oily scalp problem!

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment

So, several products were applied on my scalp and hair including the specially formulated Herbal Treatment Cream, which covered all my hair entirely. This process took about 10-15 minutes. This was followed by a 45 minutes steaming process to help open up the scalp pores for the removal of impurities and to aid in the absorption of the herbal ingredients into the scalp. After washing off the herbal cream, the hair analysis will be repeated again to show you that all the oil has been removed. Of course I had my doubts as to whether the hair looked cleaner simply because it had been washed before being scanned immediately, but I did notice that at my next session, my hair did not look as oily as it did during my very first visit. (The hair analysis is done on the 1st session and after every few sessions depending on customer load)

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The entire process was pretty fuss free and time passes quickly if you are on your phone or reading a magazine, much like how it is in a hair salon. As of writing this post, I have had a total of 3 sessions. I actually can’t be sure if I am growing more hair now that my hair is less oily. I believe it will take a number of sessions before the results are visible.

Will I continue to use Bee Choo Origin or advise readers to visit Bee Choo?

Like I said, I can’t say for sure if I am growing more hair. But here are 3 reasons why I would be keen to visit again.

1. I do like the fact that the Herbal Treatment Cream is freshly made with all natural herbs and ingredients, so at least this is a natural process.

2. I also like that the Herbal Treatment Cream leaves a faintly reddish tint. It’s not visible if you have black hair, but if you have strands of white hair, there is the added bonus of getting your white hair dyed red "for free". If nothing else, take it as a white hair dyeing session, with natural ingredients!

3. Lastly, the prices seem reasonable. It costs $48 per session for a person with shoulder length hair, less if your hair is shorter, more if it is longer.

Scroll down for more pictures….

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Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment

I’m sorry I couldn’t provide more pictures of myself because it is just too tak glam already! But please refer to the pictorial above for the Bee Choo hair treatment process.

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