Juiced Rawbars

Decided to go really healthy today by having a salad meal instead of the usual Chinese 2 veg 1 meat dish (“Fan Cai”). I used to think that you couldn’t go much healthier than that, until an American, who interned at my
September 11, 2008

Tea and Toast at Toastbox

Tea and Butter & Sugar Toast from Toastbox. Something so simple tastes so good!!! The best butter sugar toast definitely has to come from Toastbox. This is like the ONLY place in Singapore that I know of that actually butters the toast
September 9, 2008


House moving tends to be a very dreaded affair. It’s not so much whether the new place is good or bad, but that you are familiar with the current place. There are things you know you like about the current place, and
September 7, 2008

Birthday lunch at Il Lido

Today we treated our boss to a birthday lunch at the “famous” Il Lido. I had heard much about this Il Lido, which is like his most favourite restaurant. And him being a man of high tastes, I expected no less from
August 29, 2008
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