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Mandarin Orchard Triple Three–Hokkaido Harvests limited time only buffet!

If you’re looking for a great sushi and sashimi buffet where you can eat to your heart’s content, you are in luck because from 19 – 30 Oct 2016, Mandarin Orchard Triple Three’s buffet will feature goodies specially flown in from Hokkaido. You’ll be able to savour sashimi such as Ebi (Shrimp), Hamachi (Yellowtail), Taraba-gani (King Crab), Shirotsubu Sakamushi (White Top Shell), Zuwai Gani (Snow Crab) and bowls of Hokkaido Chirashi, amongst its usual buffet favourites.

MOS_Triple Three_Hokkaido Harvest_oct2016_1_cropped

There are also cooked items from Hokkaido such as Japanese Wagyu Beef, Hokkaido Beef Curry, Madara Agedashi Shirako (Deep Fried Codfish Sperm), flavourful Hokkaido Ramen Noodles, sizzling teppanyaki, Onsen Tamago with Uni (Soft Boiled Egg with Sea Urchin) and even Hokkaido Cheese tarts!

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Triple Three Restaurant at Meritus Mandarin

Buffet dinner at Triple Three Restaurant some weeks back. At $80+ per person, the price was quite steep. Luckily, there was a 1 for 1 promotion going on, which then made the buffet a steal. The buffet selection was not as large as the ones at Oriental Hotel Melt Cafe or Shangri La The Line. The dessert line was also somewhat lacking. No signature rich and luscious looking chocolate cake for the eyes to feast on, and too many local kueh types.

However, what impressed me was the number of stations where food is prepared only after you order! They had a tempura station that was constantly churning out hot and crispy tempura prawns and mushrooms. They had a sashimi station where you get to choose the raw fish you want before they slice it. At the pasta station, you got to choose the type of pasta you wanted, the ingredients to go with it, and the sauce. Goodbye soggy pasta. And the best one, they even had a Teppanyaki station where you can get beef steak cooked on the spot! Can you beat that?

At $40 plus dollars if the promotion is still on, I am seriously considering going again!

Triple Three (2)Triple Three (5)Triple Three (6)Triple Three (8)Triple Three (7)Triple Three (12)

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Triple Three Restaurant

333 Orchard Road, Meritus Mandarin Singapore Level 5

Tel: +65 6831 6271

Breakfast: 6.30am – 10.30am
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10pm

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