2014 New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year ! A very happy New Year to all my readers out there and a blessed and wonderful 2014 ahead! This year, I decided to commemorate New Year’s by writing out my resolutions. I’m not one to make New Year

Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014!

Calling all you football fans. It’s already time for you to plan for FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL 2014! This is no quick weekend to Bangkok or KL. This takes planning! Ticket bookings are available already with the prices; just click here. That’s

Sign up for the Community Games 2013!

You know what, I’ve been writing so much about food, I thought that it would only be responsible of me to give some air-time to exercise and healthy living. Calling all sporting enthusiasts out there, now’s your chance to take part in


COMPANY the musical

*Invited Review* I watched Company last Friday. It was my 1st time in more than 5 years and I enjoyed being in a theatre again after so long! Company, if you didn’t already know from my previous post, is a musical comedy