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Immigrants Gastropub

I don’t know about you, but I seldom choose to dine at Tapas restaurants or order Tapas style dishes. For those of you who are uninitiated, tapas style simply means small bites or small dishes. Think of dim sum dishes, but for Western cuisine. It’s not that I don’t like the food that is served, it’s that the bill ends up more exorbitant than if I were to order a full fledge main course itself. Tapas in Singapore are not cheap. A small appetiser dish can cost around $10 or more. Order a few of them and they start adding up.

I didn’t know Immigrants Gastropub served their dishes in Tapas sizes when I stepped in. In fact, I’d actually planned to dine at one of the Tanjong Katong restaurants, but some how I got dropped off at Joo Chiat Road instead so I decided to eat at the eatery that I happened to stop at.

After perusing the menu and doing some mental calculations, I nearly wanted to leave the place, but the Partner seemed quite keen so I pressed on. A lot of the dishes seemed quite interesting but we finally decided on Seafood Fritters and Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice. We expected the seafood fritters to be on the small side, after all the waitress had reminded us that these were tapas sizes. However, because the sambal buah keluak fried rice was $20, as compared to most other dishes which were under $15, we were under the impression that the fried rice would be a full portioned fried rice! Our thoughts were further affirmed when the waitress mentioned that the fried rice was a very popular dish!

Immigrants - Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice $20 (1)

Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice $20

Can you imagine our shock when we realised that this was the size of the sambal buah keluak fried rice? The diameter of the dish was the same as the length of my iPhone. Sad smile Sad smile Sad smile I mean who serves rice in appetiser size?!?! Anyway, thank god the rice was extremely delicious. It was rather spicy, but I guess if the Ang Moh Partner could handle it, the average Singaporean can too. The pungent and earthy flavour of the buah keluak was very evenly distributed throughout the grains and on the whole, I really liked the dish very much. We both agreed that this was a very unique and tasty fried rice (this coming from a guy who doesn’t eat Buah Keluak!) and if it wasn’t so expensive, we would definitely return to order this again.

Immigrants - Seafood Fritters $14 (2)

Seafood Fritters $14

The seafood fritters were also excellent. At $3.50 per piece, they were also of course rather pricey. A combination of crab, prawn and squid, fried such that it and a slight crisp on the outside, but so juicy and flavourful on the inside! I liked it that the ingredients weren’t minced to a pulp, but were diced finely so they still retained a little bite to it. They paired very well with the sambal buah keluak fried rice. If I ever return to Immigrants, I would definitely order this too!

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The Garden Slug

I found out about The Garden Slug only a few weeks ago and I had this impression that it had opened just a while back. The 2 guys at the next table thought the same thing too because I overheard one guy boasting to the other that he likes to take his GF to new places. Turns out, The Garden Slug has already been around for almost 5 years! Such a pity that I only knew about it recently!

The Garden Slug

I love the Al Fresco seating along the row of shop houses. It’s extremely close to the road, but hardly any cars drive by so it’s totally fine. Love this place and love dining by the road! It kind of gives me the Holland Village / myVillage vibe for some reason, even though this is the only cafe along this stretch, with veterinarian clinics flanking both sides I think. When we were there, it kind of drizzled a bit. Made me feel like I wasn’t in Singapore!

The Garden Slug - Chunky Asian Seafood Broth

Chunky Asian Seafood Broth – This is pretty hearty, thanks to the chock a block ingredients! The Partner opted for just soup, without the pasta, yet he could hardly finish it. I love the taste of the soup. It has an Asian zing to it, and is the type of soup where you keep wanting to have spoonful after spoonful. The ingredients tasted very fresh, and the tomatoes were particularly sweet. Love the burst of sweetness in every bite. Although it is a bit pricey at $17+, I would most definitely order this again. In fact, what I would do the next time would be to order mains and have the soup to share amongst 4 people.

The Garden Slug - Juicy Shrimp and Roast Pumpkin Pasta

Roasted Pumpkin with Prawn Pasta – My pseudo vegetarian mother ordered this. Being tomato based, it’s a damn healthy pasta dish. She liked the tomato sauce and the al dente pasta. The prawns weren’t so fresh though.

The Garden Slug - Ultimate Fish Sandwich

Ultimate Fish Sandwich – For some reason, I have been in a fish and chip mood for the longest time! I didn’t want to have to order fish and chips again, so I thought I’d settle for a fish sandwich. The fish did satisfy the fried fish craving in me, but I did think the fish was over fried. Also, the fish to bread ratio seemed a bit miserable. And lastly, too much mayo. The veggie sticks look pretty dry and unappetising, but I can appreciate their efforts to provide something healthy on the side.

The Garden Slug -Pan seared shrimp zucchini and pesto aioli

Pan-seared shrimp zucchini with pesto aioli – My father ordered this and enjoyed his sandwich. He said the combination of shrimp and zucchini with pesto aioli was delicious and hit the spot.

The Garden Slug - Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte – Quite nice, but not quite up there with the big boys. A bit too milky and not strong enough in my opinion.

The Garden Slug - Kitty

One reason why I like the place so much is because there are quite a number of resident kitties roaming around! If you’re not a cat lover, don’t worry lah, the cats don’t stop to chat at all, although I wish they did, but they just totally ignored me. It seems this kitty knows the trick already. Sit there and look pitiful until someone notices. The box on the stool seems to be a “kitty bed”. So cute!

The Garden Slug - Man pats kitty

This is a different cat from the one above. He crossed the road and hit pay dirt with the gentleman who was really very generous with his pats.

The Garden Slug (3)

The Garden Slug, for once, not a pest.

Definitely going to return again for the wonderful seafood soup. The menu is quite extensive too. I spotted a number of items I would like to try out the next time, and it seems their breakfast/brunch dishes are rather popular. There is air-conditioned seating inside but I think it’s more relaxing to sit outside, watching whatever that goes by.

The Garden Slug – Eat Drink Don’t Think!

55 Lorong L Telok Kurau, #01-59/61 Bright Centre, Singapore 425500 [map]

Tel/ Fax: 6346 0504

Open Daily: Mon – Tues 6pm-10pm    Wed – Thur 10am-10pm  

Fri – Sun 9am-10pm   Public Hol 9am-10pm

Go to their website for the full menu with pricing.

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