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The BOILER opens 2nd outlet at Esplanade– Roll up your sleeves and eat seafood with your hands here.

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If you love seafood, especially the seafood-in-a bag kind where all dining etiquette goes out the window and everyone gets stuck in with their hands, you’ll be glad to know that The Boiler has opened a second outlet in town at the Esplanade Mall. This expansion comes with an al-fresco bar in addition to the air-conditioned main dining area. Their original outlet is in Tai Seng, and this is in fact their 4th year of operations.


The Boiler takes pride in its sauces to set it apart from similar seafood boil concepts. The seafood boil concept is Louisiana-inspired, but The Boiler has developed seasonal sauces with local twists, such as sambal and laksa which customers may choose to have with their seafood.

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Singapore Central Business District Skyline – Night Time

Check out more photos I took of Shenton Way at night. I love taking photos of buildings at night. Firstly, it’s so much more cooling and peaceful. Secondly, I can avoid the mid-day glare of the sun bouncing off any shiny surfaces. And thirdly, the buildings don’t merge together in a a grey haze. They actually look more individual in the picture below, than in the photo I took of Shenton Way during the day.

Shenton Way at Night (2) 

Shenton Way used to be almost exclusively occupied by office buildings. Now, you can find condos and hotels here too. I sure wouldn’t mind stepping out of my house and arriving at my office 5 minutes later. That’s 1 hour of traffic avoided both ways. I think it’s worth the premium paid to live in town, no?

The Sail Condo

Closer look of The Sail. One of the condos situated in the new Marina Bay Financial district area. They used to have clear views of the sea, but now newer buildings block their views.

Fullerton Bay Hotel at Night

The Fullerton Bay Hotel. Waterfront luxury at it’s best! And you can be sure no other building will sprout out of the Singapore river to block the lovely views. I wonder why the lights are on for the building on the left when it isn’t even finished. What a waste of electricity.

Fullerton Hotel at Night (2) Fullerton Hotel at Night

The Fullerton Hotel. And the Merlion in the 2nd photo. With One Fullerton directly in front of the Fullerton Hotel. Does One Fullerton kinda resemble the Sydney Opera House with the wavelike roof?

Esplanade and the Swissotel

The Esplanade. Ok no matter what people say, and no matter what angle, I still don’t find the facade nice looking at all. Once inside the theatre area, it’s posh and grand, but on the outside, I just feel it’s weird. And there’s the Swissotel, the lone tall building in the City Hall area. Sometimes I feel there is no need to take a ride on the Singapore Flyer if views is all that you seek. There are so many tall buildings and hotels to get your fill of the wonderful views of Singapore. Almost every tall building has a restaurant perched on the top floor!

Marina Link Park

The Marina Link Park next to Marina Bay Sands

Check out my post of Shenton Way in the day time.

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Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

You know what? On a recent trip to Vivocity, I made a startling revelation. I couldn’t find a single nice and unique cafe to sit down and have a cuppa! I came across Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans, 2 Starbucks (!), Tom n Toms etc but these you can find in many locations around Singapore. I wanted to experience something different!

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Alas, I had no choice but to finally settle for Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. At least, they only have one other outlet which is at Esplanade. The thing I know about Max Brenner is that their expertise is in chocolate and chocolate drinks. I think they serve one of the best chocolate drinks in Singapore – the Pure Chocolate Truffle Granita Drink. It costs about $7.50 and is 1 tall glass of pure rich and sweet chocolatey goodness blended with ice. 1 glass of that fills me up so much I normally have to split it with another person. I still get 100% of the happiness though.

Well that’s what I would have definitely ordered at Max Brenner, had I been hankering for something chocolaty. BUT, it was 4pm and a coffee was in order. So we decided to order their iced cafe latte.

The iced cafe latte was served in their signature Alice Cup, with metal straw. I was wondering who Alice was the whole time there. The Partner lost no time in humming the song “Who the F*** is Alice” to irritate me. Well I googled and the Alice so referred to is Alice of Wonderland. No wonder the glass says Drink Me!

 Max Brenner - Iced Cafe Latte Max Brenner - Iced Cafe Latte

The iced latte was not bad but not strong enough. At least it had a smooth taste. And because the sugar syrup was not pre-added, we didn’t end up with a sickly sweet drink. Still, I would recommend ordering their Pure Chocolate Truffle Granita Drink if you’ve never tried Max Brenner before. That, in my opinion is their best drink in the house by far.

Max Brenner (Esplanade)

8 Raffles Avenue, #01-06/08 Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802
Phone number: +65 6235-9556

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thurs – 11:00am to 11:00pm
Fri-Sat – 11:00am to 12:00 (Midnight)

Max Brenner (Vivocity)

1 Harbourfront Walk Vivocity #01-116 Singapore 098585

Tel: +65 6278-4218

Sun-Thurs – 10:00am to 9.45pm
Fri-Sat – 10:00am to 11:00 (They don’t have a Singapore website)

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