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National Day Fireworks 2013!

I was very very lucky last week to be able to catch the National Day Fireworks up close and personal! I’ve watched the National Day Parade a few times actually, but this is the 1st time ever that I didn’t have to squeeze in with the massive crowd because the Partner booked a room at the Pan Pacific Hotel! The most amazing thing is that when he booked it, he had just wanted us to have a staycation to relax. But of course, the Singaporean in me immediately connected SATURDAY staycation with FIREWORKS!

The staycation at Pan Pacific Singapore was amazing, not just because of the Fireworks, but also because we had club room access! More about that in my future post, but suffice to say that a staycation is not complete without club room access! Trust me, it is well worth the extra money paid!

National Day Parade (5)

View of the Marina Bay Harbour from my Pacific Harbour King room at Pan Pacific Singapore. I was on the 33rd floor! It was quite scary to take the bubble lift up all the way, and the bubble lift faces outside too!

National Day Parade (13)

We found it amusing to know that we could see the Floating Platform stage from our room. I guess this is a sure-win way to get yourself tickets to the National Day Parade huh. And in air-conditioned comfort too. Just like VIP access!

National Day Fireworks (2)

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Reflections on the last day of 2011

December 31 is upon us again. For me this day each year has usually brought upon me a heavy heart. I used to wonder why it is that people could look forward and celebrate a new year, while my energies were spent in trying to stop time. Now that I am older and wiser, I have come to accept the following as a plausible explanation. The reason for my depression every late December is because once again I am reminded of the furious pace time passes. It’s easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow”, but if tomorrow is no longer 2011, reality becomes stark. That in itself isn’t a negative thing, unless it is coupled with the truth that one hasn’t achieved all that was set out to do at the beginning of this year.

Another reason why I hate to have to usher in the new year is that I don’t want December to go! December is a period of celebration, of holiday and festive cheer. I haven’t even had enough of Christmas yet and January wants to poke its nose in? I’m definitely not removing my Christmas tree until the last day! And what about January, a month that I calculate to be 11 months apart from December? January just screams “Holiday’s over. GET BACK TO WORK!” It will be 11 months more before it’s December again! The humanity of it!

That being said, this year has been a pretty significant year for me in several aspects. A number are personal but on the blogging front, I am proud to say that probably a year ago I would not have envisioned my blog to be what it is today. I have loved every minute of it and I’m thankful for all the opportunities given to me in the blogging world. I really am looking forward to more activities for 2012! I have a great many ideas on what to do with my blog, some ideas shared with me by close friends, and I can’t wait to get started on those.

So maybe starting from this December 31, I’ll try to be positive. Hey that’s inspiration for a New Year’s resolution! I shall enjoy and live to the fullest every single day possible such that every December 31 would be a day to celebrate successes, and not a day to lament lost time.

This evening, I shall enjoy a nice dinner hosted by a close friend. Considering that I only met him at a conference one year ago, it’s a miracle that we’ve become such good friends. This is yet another resolution I wish to fulfil, that is to make more friends each year, as well as to reconnect with my old friends. And after dinner, I shall make my way down to the Marina Bay Countdown 2012 at the Marina Bay Floating Platform to usher in 2012 with a bang! There’s going to be a concert, light show and most importantly, FIREWORKS!!!

Have a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR and a FANTASTIC 2012! May all your dreams come true!

NDP 26 June 2011 Fireworks (7) NDP 26 June 2011 Fireworks (5)

NDP 2011 Fireworks!

Was privileged to be able to obtain 2 tickets to the National Day Parade 2011 preview last Saturday. Even though I’ve been to the NDP quite a number of times, and I was actually fretting about whether to drag myself there again that day, I totally enjoyed myself at the Preview held at the Marina Bay floating platform. The atmosphere was electrifying! I took so many photos, especially of the fireworks, which is definitely my favourite segment!! Here’s a quick montage of the fireworks while I cobble together the rest of the photos.


Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!

Fireworks Montage

Level33 at Marina Bay Financial Centre

Everyone’s been raving about Marina Bay Sands and the views from there. Ok I was one of them too and took numerous photos of both Shenton Way as well as the MBS buildings. But did you know, that one really great vantage point to enjoy the splendour of the Marina Bay Sands towers as well as the Singapore city skyline is actually at the new Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC)?

I was there with 3 other of my colleagues just the day before at Level33 restaurant and the views were breath-taking! And if was not enough, we got a real treat when fireworks started erupting in the night sky, thanks to the National Day Parade rehearsals! Great stuff for my colleague as it was her birthday.


Marina Bay Sands Night Time view from Level33

I really do think that Singapore looks so mesmerising at night. I think it would be so romantic to sit in the al-fresco area, gazing into your partner’s eyes while having this as a backdrop…

NDP 26 June 2011 Fireworks (5)

Lucky us got to watch the fireworks from a vantage point!

Level33 touts itself as the World’s Highest Urban Craft-brewery. There are several huge as copper brew house kettles positioned right at the front of the restaurant, so that you know for sure that they mean business. I tried the 33.1 Blond Lager, and it was quite good! Food-wise, I thought it was overpriced but I guess it’s inevitable to have to pay a premium if you want the views. To fully enjoy the views, you must sit outside as the indoor area’s views are blocked by numerous pillars. Another way to enjoy the views without breaking the bank is to just have a drink there instead of having a full scale dinner.

Level33 - 33.1 Blond Lager

33.1 Blond Lager $9.33… Someone’s eyeing MY beer.

Level33 - Bread LoavesLevel33 - Pepper, curry salt and salt

The orangy spice thing is curry salt! Be sure you don’t take a whole heap of it!

Level33 - Prawn Bisque  with Soba

(Gambas) Prawn bisque with soba noodles $39 – 2 really humongous and succulent prawns. Tasted very good and I liked the rich gravy. The amount of soba is enough to make you wonder if it is there as a garnish. If you are a big eater, you may need to order some side dishes as well.

Level33 - Striploin

(Sizzler Beef) Striploin on sizzling hot plate $16 – This was pretty good, but not spectacular

Level33 - Meatballs

Meatballs $9 – First time I’m seeing “dry” meatballs. They were so so.

Level33 - Gnocchi

Gnocchi $26 – An acquired taste for my colleagues I think, but I personally like gnocchi normally. This one was a tad oily.

Level33 - Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast $29 – I don’t know what’s with chicken breast in Singapore. They are so tough! I would never order chicken breast out of my own accord, but since we were sharing all the dishes, I didn’t object. This dish here didn’t change my mind but my colleagues thought it was fine. I did like the ravioli at the bottom though, as well as the asparagus.

Level33 - Molten Chocolate Cake

(Cacao Fondant) Molten Chocolate Cake $16 – Tasted very nice, especially with 4 people sharing this tiny piece of cake. A lot of molten chocolate lava oozed out as we sliced the cake, which is exactly how I like it. The non sweet tooth amongst us liked it although I definitely wouldn’t complain if it were just a little bit sweeter. The white piece of thing at the bottom right was a piece of frozen marscapone, which I felt tasted disgusting in this state and form.

Level33 - Date Pudding

Sticky Date pudding $14 – Also very nice, and not overly sweet either. I’m usually quite fearful of ordering date puddings or sticky toffee puddings because I feel they are just way too heavy and sweet, but this one was just right, and for some reason, had a hint of banana as well.


*Click here for more pictures and reviews of Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore City Skyline



8 Marina Boulevard #33-01 • Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 • Singapore 018981

12pm – 12am Daily • 12pm – 2am on Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holiday

Tel: +65 6834 3133 • Fax: +65 6834 3073

Singapore Youth Olympics Games – Here I come (to watch)!

I’m brimming with energy even though it is nearly 1 am! I really must be a night person! It’s also thanks to the fact that I will not be going into the office tomorrow because I’ve taken leave to watch the Youth Olympic Games Women’s Gymnastics Preliminaries! I can’t wait to see what it is like. Despite being a loyal TV spectator of this sport for more than 20 years, I have never witnessed a live Gymnastics competition up close and personal before! This will be my 1st time and it’s none too soon!

I’ve also got myself tickets to watch the canoing/kayaking race at the Marina Reservoir on Saturday morning. It’s not that I am a super fan of canoing/kayaking. I just feel like this Youth Olympics is such a rare event that I surely have to do more than watch just 1 sport? Also, the view of the Marina Reservoir, with the Singapore Flyer in the background, must be a pretty sight to behold. I specially picked the morning race so that the photos will turn out great in the morning sunlight. I can’t wait!

How are you enjoying the inaugural Youth Olympic Games?

Here are 2 photos for you to enjoy, taken from the YOG Opening Ceremony preview I attended.

YOG Opening Ceremony - Monster

The Floating Platform looks like it is burning down, while the Marina Bay Sands looks stately in the background.

YOG Opening Ceremony - Fireworks

Fireworks erupt after Singapore’s National Flag is raised

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