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Oomphaticos at Tanglin Mall

Finally managed to make it to Oomphaticos after knowing of its existence for several years!!! From the minute I first saw it, I just knew that I would have to dine here some day. The decor is so quirky and inviting! I don’t believe I’ve seen a restaurant like that before! And don’t even get me started on the name, who on earth thought of this name?

We chose to sit “outside” on the Sunday afternoon we were here. It’s a passageway between Tanglin Mall and Traders Hotel, so you’re still shaded from While it’s not air-conditioned, you are still shaded from the sun. The area is so breezy, probably from the wind tunnel effect.

Oomphaticos Al-Fresco Seating

Mushroom Risoto (2) Mushroom Risoto

Oomphaticos - Fish & Chips (2)

Oomphaticos - Fish & Chips

Oomphaticos - Cod Fish (2)

Oomphaticos - Cod Fish

Oomphaticos - Sausage Risotto


Man Zhu Restaurant at Chinese Swimming Club

The Man Zhu Restaurant at the Chinese Swimming Club is now officially open! After having undergone some renovations late last year, the place now looks so much better. The place looks refreshing and cozy, unlike the big cavernous impersonal mess that it was previously. There are even booth seats all along the glass walls if you are lucky enough to snag them.

After praying at 2 temples on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, the 3rd Uncle’s family and us had a meal together at the Man Zhu Restaurant.

Man Chu Restaurant Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee $6.70 – When my hokkien mee arrived, everyone stopped eating for 2 seconds and stared at it. It was just chock full of ingredients from squid, prawns mushrooms and lots and lots of egg! Everything tasted very fresh and succulent. The broth was also quite light but would have been better if it had more kick. Something seemed to be lacking in the broth base, pork lard perhaps?

Man Chu Restaurant Chicken Chop

Chicken Chop char-grilled boneless chicken leg with potato cake $8 – According to my cousin, quite good

Man Chu Restaurant Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips – $7.60 – Tasty but oily

Man Chu Restaurant Broccoli

Broccoli with Mushroom $5.20

Man Chu Restaurant Fish Slices in Black Bean Sauce

Steamed Grouper Fillert with fermented black bean $9.50

Man Chu Restaurant Fried Omelette

Omelette $5.50 – Over fried to the point of tasting burnt

Man Chu Restaurant Stir Fried Vegetables

Shanghai Green $4.50

Man Chu Restaurant Iced Chendol

Chendol with red beans, green jelly, attap seeds, coconut milk and gula melaka – $3.10 I think I’ve never quite seen Chendol looking like this before. The coconut milk has kinda frozen on top of the pile of ice shavings. I have a really sweet tooth and often, I wish they would add more of the gula melaka but I never can bring myself to ask for more. Some how, the brain is wired to think that whatever the chef dishes out is maximum amount I can have for the day, and asking for more means going over the limit.

Man Chu Restaurant Seating Area (2) Man Chu Restaurant Seating Area

Get a seat by the windows and overlook the Olympic sized pools. You might spot a hunk or 2. Or you might spot a fat and hairy man.


*Man Zhu is open only to Members and Guests of the Chinese Swimming Club

Man Zhu Restaurant (located at the New Wing aka Sports Wing)

21 & 34 Amber Rd Chinese Swimming Club Singapore 439870

Mon – Thur- 11.30am to 10.00pm (last order at 9.30pm)

Fri & Eve of PH  11.30am to 10.30pm (last order at 10.00pm)

Saturday 7.30am to 10.30pm (last order at 10.00pm)

Sun 10.30am to 10.00pm (last order at 9.30pm)

World Famous Mangonui Fish Shop

The Partner has dumped me in Singapore and gone back home to New Zealand himself. Okay it was mutually agreed (somewhat), and the “compensation” would be a trip to Italy instead, but stillllll. To commemorate his visit back to God’s own, I shall be posting up pictures of our previous holidays in NZ for the next few days. Kixes mentioned that she was hankering after some Fish and Chips (Fush and Chups), so I thought I shall start off with posting some pictures on the World Famous Mangonui Fish Shop. Mangonui Fish ShopThis is the World Famous Mangonui Fish Shop 1 hr or so away from Paihia in the North Island. It seems no one knows why it is world famous, but whether self-proclaimed or not, the fish and chips here certainly live up to the world famous name. If you are going up to Cape Reinga, this is a good place to stop for early lunch or afternoon tea.

Mangonui Village ShopsThe Mangonui Village is very idyllic and serene. There are lots of interesting boutique shops as well as cafes lining the bay. There is also an I-Site, which is what NZ calls its information centres.Mangonui

Mangonui The Partner’s uncle owns a property up here. Even though it is so far away from the big city, I can sure see why he would want to retire here.

Mangonui Fish and Chippery Sign Tarakihi, Fish of the day when we were there. Don’t think you can get Tarakihi easily in Singapore, if at all. I see they don’t have paua fritters here (paua = abalone).  Tried some a few years back, and they were quite nasty. It’s no wonder the Pākehā don’t like Abalone if they’ve been reduced into a mince paste fritter thingy.

Mangonui Fish and Chips wrapped up in paperHow fish and chips are served in NZ. I hear that fish and chips rank higher than Mcdonalds in the favourite takeaway food survey.

Mangonui Fish and Chips As I was saying, the fish and chips here are really good. They are freshly made and so hot you have to leave it for a while or risk burning your fingers. Nothing like eating hot fish and chips on a blustery day overlooking the waters.

Mangonui boardwalk

Wooden walkway leading to a 4Square. Careful how you drive at night or you might drive into the sea.

Seagull basking in the sun

Seagull relaxing in the sun and keeping an eye on my bag of fries.

Please do not feed the seagulls sign Shucks, how did they know I was going to do that?

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Mangonui Fish Shop

Over the water, 137 Waterfront Drive, Mangonui

Telephone: 0-9 406 0478

Fax: 0-9 406 0478


Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

Only 1 hour from the Bay of Islands/Paihia en route to Kaitaia and Cape Reinga

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