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How to choose a good staycation hotel

Now that staycations are allowed again, and with no knowing of when it will be safe to travel overseas again, hoards of Singaporeans have been booking staycations to somewhat satisfy the travel bug. But with so many hotel staycation deals around, how do you know which is the best hotel deal for you and your family?

I say, the best advice would be not to be too hasty. Sit down and really compare the deals. You will probably find some very good hotel staycation deals out there, no doubt. However, at the end of the day a stay at a luxury hotel will cost several hundred dollars. Ask yourself, what else could you do with the money? Most people say they need to go for a staycation to relax. But with that money, you could have a perfectly relaxing time at a spa with spare change left over. You could treat your entire family to a meal. You could even do some minor redecorating of your room, eg buy some Balinese styled furniture or fixtures to make your room feel like a hotel room, that would have a more long term impact.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing, the following recommendations will give priority to staycations in less crowded hotels.

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Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy staycation – Giveaway coming up!

*Staycation giveaway on my Facebook!*

As mentioned in my previous Breez Bistro Bar article, most hotels are located in the shopping or business districts of Singapore, but once in a while, you find a hotel located in the “suburbs”. One such hotel is Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy. The Katong neighbourhood is no ordinary neighbourhood, it boasts a long Peranakan history of which I shall not delve into in this article.

We had the pleasure of staying at Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy in a Business Suite for one night to check out its facilities as well as food. We also had access to the club lounge, which is always a treat as then there is really no need at all to step out of the hotel! Scroll down to read more about our staycation at Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy as well as to see the pictures.

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy (1)

Doesn’t it look like we’re in the living room of a house?

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Beer Tavern at Grand Park City Hall

If you’re in the City Hall area and thinking of where to chill out for the evening, you might just want to check out the newly opened Beer Tavern at Grand Park City Hall. You must check out the Crazy Friday deal where you can have free flow of beer and wine for only $25++!!!! Most hotels boast wine bars, and a beer tavern in a hotel seems to be quite a rare find, but nobody ever said it can’t be done! On the contrary, I thought it to be a great way to put some life into a previously disused garden.

Beer Tavern Outlet Shot

Beer Tavern is a hideaway gem that boasts more than 30 varieties of international beers from countries including Holland, Belgium, Mexico, Taiwan and Australia. You can enjoy the refreshing beers at this alfresco bar amongst the whistling trees while perched atop bar stools and old school wooden beer barrels as tables. Overhead speakers will stream a diversity of musical genres to provide an easy going vibe. The colonial architecture and the night sky above will help ease you away from your worries into a holiday mood, even if only for an evening.Beers at Beer Tavern

The 30 varieties of international beers include Little Creatures Bright Ale (Australia), Foster’s (Australia), Leffe Blonde (Belgium), Stella Artois (Belgium), Tsing Tao (China), Kronenbourg 1664 (France), Erdinger (Germany), Asahi (Japan), Dester (South Korea), San Miguel Light (Philippines), Singha (Thailand), Fruit beers from Taiwan and Draft Beers from the tap.

Well one can’t just drink beer and eat nothing, so there is a food menu with interesting snacks such as Salami Pizza with Mozzarella Cheese and Oregano, Salted Grissini Sticks with Parma Ham, Deep Fried Prawn Wonton, Sauteed Australian Black Mussels, Beef Meat Balls, Breaded Champignon Mushrooms and more.

~~~ Promotional rates at the Beer Tavern until the end of November!! ~~~

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Shangri-La Waterfall Cafe

Today I had a quick preview of Shangri-La Hotel’s latest dining addition, the Waterfall Cafe. It’s at the ground floor, just next to the famed swimming pool, and occupies the area that was once taken up by function rooms. I really love the breezy looking decor of the restaurant. The use of natural tones complements the open-plan concept of Waterfall Cafe very well.

The cafe serves Mediterranean cuisine and provide a semi buffet counter should you so wish to complement your main courses. I’d already had afternoon tea at the Rose Verandah, but I plan to be back to visit Waterfall Cafe! Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!

Shangri-La Waterfall Cafe (8)

Shangri-La Waterfall Cafe (15)

Shangri-La Waterfall Cafe (2)

Shangri-La Waterfall Cafe (3)

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Kloster Hornbach, Germany

Day 4 of 365days2play’s Honeymoon in Luxembourg, Germany & France

Even before our honeymoon trip to Europe, Kloster Hornbach was one of the hotels I kept raving about to my friends and on Facebook, simply for the fact that the building dates back to year 742! Yes that’s 3 digits, not 4! Obviously back in 742 it wasn’t a hotel as we know it today, but the Monastery of Hornbach. Infact, there is still a working church just adjacent to what is now the hotel portion, which opened in 2000.

Hospitality is one of the key components of the Benedictine life-style. In his rule, Saint Benedict says “Let all guests that come to the monastery be received as friends. For, one day, he will say : "I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

There are thirty-three rooms and suites to choose from, each tastefully decorated and designed in different styles. The inspiration for the interior design is influenced  by Mediterranean, Shaker, Asian or African-design. Following the feedback of guests, Kloster Hornbach also has 2 rooms specially designed to look like the cell of a monk in a monastery!  I suppose there’s no worry about those rooms being too spartan, because a Bose sound system and CDs are still provided. I quite liked that several DVD movies were provided, for the benefit of guests who just want to laze in their rooms.

Kloster Hornbach (25)

As you can see below, we got the African themed room. I have to agree that the design is extremely tastefully and subtly done. The last thing I want is to have a huge lion or elephant staring down at me as I attempt to sleep after a hard day’s touring. I have seen such hotel rooms, mind you, they do exist.

Kloster Hornbach (4)

Kloster Hornbach (5)

I love hotel rooms with lots of windows. We got a room on the 2nd floor so when the windows were opened, it felt as if my room became extended! And as you can see from the pictures, each window has a heater beneath it, so no chance of you freezing under the covers at night.

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