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Where to get New Zealand products in Singapore

When the Partner heard that I had to produce an article relating to New Zealand food in Singapore, he actually volunteered to pen the post, for the 1st time in the entire life of this blog! Well I don’t see why he shouldn’t, being that he’s a Kiwi himself! Alas, the enthusiasm lasted but 2 and a half paragraphs. Still, it’s a good start nonetheless. I’ll try to rope him in more often in future!!


New Zealand Fair collage

Want great New Zealand food but can’t afford to fly there? Or perhaps you’ve been there and miss the scrumptious kiwi Potato Chips and thirst quenching refreshing NZ beer? Well the great news is that from now until 12 May 2013, all 47 Cold Storage outlets have stocked over 80 products from Aotearoa, (Maori name for New Zealand and loosely translated as the Land of the Long White Cloud). In fact, we’ve just returned from our honeymoon in Europe and will be rushing down to Cold Storage tomorrow to stock up on NZ goodies which we would otherwise only be able to lay our hands on when we visit New Zealand once a year.

New Zealand is blessed with rich agricultural land and pristine waters, which in turn produces a wide selection of tasty and natural produce. Seasonal fruits are a highlight with the likes of fresh blueberries which are high in antioxidants, and sugar pears that are naturally sweet and often used in baking and desserts. Don’t miss the avocado dips that are made from fresh avocado, and can be spread on toast or serve in salads and wraps.

Cold Storage New Zealand Fair (11)

Wine lovers should take the opportunity to try the affordable varietals from the Tiki Estate range, Single Vineyard range, and Tiki Koro Central Otago Pinot Noir


Matson’s beers are 100% natural brewed

Kiwis are  passionate about their food just like Singaporeans and they take pride in producing world class tasty food with a proven reputation for freshness and quality. Some may know that NZ has a well earned reputation for wine but their beers are just as good and new to Singapore is Matson’s beers. Made by natural brewing with all locally sourced raw materials the beers come in 3 varieties: Lager, Pilsner and Classic Draught. Having tried these myself I would say that the beers are crisp and clean but with a refreshing unique taste. So if you’re tired of drinking the same old beers served here in Singapore then head on down and get a “Pick & Mix”, where you can select an assortment of varieties.

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Most unique cafes in Singapore

Here’s a list of what I think are the best cafes in Singapore to visit in terms of uniqueness. Enjoy!

1. Casa Verde at the Botanic Gardens

Visitors Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Cluny Road Singapore 259569

A cafe nestled amongst the greenery of the Botanic Gardens, you can watch people walking their dogs and little kids playing by the plant fountains. A very relaxing place to be in, if you can get a seat!

2. Privé at Keppel Island

No.2 Keppel Bay Vista, Marina at Keppel Bay Singapore 098382

The cafe overlooks the Marina. While you may not own a yacht (yet), it’s never any harm to lust after someone else’s! Romantic and peaceful at night.

3. Epicurious at Robertson Quay

#01-02 The Quayside, Robertson Quay Tel: 6734-7720

Epicurious is touted to have the best breakfast in Singapore. It’s situated along the picturesque Robertson Quay area. After a hearty meal, you can take a stroll along the Singapore River and watch the boats go by.


4. Sunset Bay Garden Beach Bar at East Coast Park

1300 East Coast Park, Bougainvillea Garden (Carpark F2) Singapore 468964
Tel: 6448 9060

You definitely need a car to get here. Snag a seat facing the beach and you will be able to watch people flying kits as well as the numerous cyclists whizzing by.

5. Riders Cafe at Bukit Timah Saddle Club

51 Fairway Drive Singapore 286965

Rider’s cafe, who would have known you can dine amongst horses in Singapore???

6. Jams Cafe at Prologue Bookshop in Ion Mall

2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801

Ok Jam’s cafe is the most accesible out of the entire list. It’s located at Ion Mall so you can just drop off at the Orchard MRT. Since it’s located in a bookshop, with glass windows for you to watch Orchard Road go by, your best bet is to buy a book and grab a seat here.

Jams Cafe at Prologue Bookshop

When doing some hard shopping in Orchard Road, one must know how not to over exert oneself. How so, you may ask. Well, the answer is very simple. Be aware of all the secret resting and refreshment spots around town! One such secret resting spot is a tiny cafe tucked at the end of a bookshop. The bookshop happens to be tucked on the top retail floor of one of Singapore’s most beloved malls.

Okay to cut to the chase, I am talking about Jams. Not the jam in a jam jar jam, but Jams the cafe, situated at the back end of Prologue at Ion Orchard. It is far away from the maddening crowd, and being situated within a bookstore, and book stores are normally not that noisy, it is a very good spot for resting and chilling out (before the next mad dash through the shops again).

Last Saturday, the place was occupied by many students, presumably cramming for their mid-year examinations. Still I managed to find a seat without waiting. I didn’t feel like cake, even though there were a great many to choose from. They even had an apple cake, that looked very much like carrot cake from far, which is something we don’t find that often in Singapore. The apple cake I mean, not the carrot cake.

Ugly Blueberry Scone

In the end, I ordered a blueberry scone to accompany my hot chocolate. It looked really ugly but I ordered it against better judgement because I really wanted a scone. The scone was about $2.50 but I was shocked to discover I had to pay extra for jam. So behold, the naked scone above. I paid $0.30 for the jam in the end and it turned out to be the individually packaged supermarket type. The paltry amount wasn’t even enough to cover half the scone! What a let down! The scone was okay, but it would have been better if there was more blueberry flavour to it.

Btw, I think Dome Cafe makes really good and cheap scones, and they give you jam preserves as well as whipped cream for about $2.50.

Hot Chocolate Couverture - Unstirred

They also had the usual cappucinos and lattes, as well as a selection of teas. I wanted something chocolatey and there happened to be iced chocolate in the menu. I thought I’d ask for it hot. What I did not realise is that they also had hot chocolate, but it wasn’t the “normal” type. It was hot chocolate couverture! See picture above? You will be able to see the chocolate couverture bits, with white milk on top.

Hot Chocolate Couverture - Stirred

Only after you stir it does it blend into a really thick chocolate concoction. Each sip was like drinking pure chocolate liquid. It was SO GOOD I forgot all my troubles for a while. Until I hit the halfway mark and I suddenly felt too full to continue. No regrets even though I’d originally ordered the normal hot chocolate. I would suggest that 2 people share this drink, in order not to get an overload of sin. But hey, they say chocolate is good for the heart, so, indulge!

Damn Thick Mango Smoothie

The partner ordered a mango smoothie out of the numerous fruit smoothies on offer. As you can see, it is thick as can be, which means that a truckload of ice-cream must have gone into it. Definitely something that would delight smoothie lovers. I’m not a smoothie lover myself. I prefer to bite and lick my ice-cream, not drink it. But even I had to agree that it was quite good, the sip that I took.

2 people, 2 unfinished drinks, 2 very satisfied people.

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