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YOG Canoeing / Kayaking Qualifying Rounds

Alas, it was a cloudy day when we arose. The sky was overcast, which would not make for the best photos, but at least the consolation would be that it would be quite cooling sitting at the Marina Reservoir spectator stands. It is next to the Gardens by the Bay, which are not completed yet. I can’t wait till the Gardens are completed, they would be lovely!

I had no idea that I’d bought tickets for the time-trials, which meant that it wasn’t races that we would be watching. Each athlete took his turn one by one on the course. It was a little bit of a let down because races would have been more interesting! Still, we stayed for the entire morning session, cheering the athletes along. We had a good commentator who kept everyone’s spirits up, and encouraged the spectators to cheer loudly when the canoeists had turned around the course and could see and hear the spectators.

At one point, everyone was very surprised to see a really slow kakayer, who seemed to be a fish out of the water. The commentator encouraged everyone to still cheer Dipoko Dikongue of Camaroon on. Apparently in his country, they have a sport similar to kayaking, but using broader kayaks. So Dipoko had only 1 week’s worth of real experience in the type of kayaks that we are familiar with. This truely exemplifies the Olympic spirit when everyone cheered so loudly for Dipoko that he probably received the loudest cheers for the session!

Speaking of broader kayaks, did you know that there are actually “sit on top” broader kayaks  around? Check out this link :

Wang Nam Feng Wang Nam Feng of Singapore looking exhausted after her race! I should probably invest in a zoom lens!

YOG Canoeing (2) I thought I knew what Canoeing was, but I had no idea it was done this way. It looks pretty un-aerodynamic if you ask me!

YOG Kayaking Marina Reservoir with Benjamin Sheares Bridge in the background

Marina Reservoir Backdrop This view is why I bought tickets to attend the YOG Canoeing/Kayaking race

YOG Kakaking Spectator STand (2) Spectators at the Canoeing / Kakaying Competition

Merly and Lyo dancing (2)  Merly and Lyo dancing

Merly and Lyo paying the spectators a special visit. They’re even dancing to the YMCA, with the crowd enthusiastically following on. Did you know Lyo’s paw prints are in the shape of a Singapore map?

Merly and Lyo pose

Posing with Merly and Lyo. Can you see what Merly is doing? NAUGHTY! Now I used to think that they were so cheesy, but now I find them really cute! I want to get the soft toys and fridge magnets!

Gardens by the Bay Posh Toilets

Posh toilets at the Gardens by the Bay. Forget about the Zoo’s toilets. These toilets have glass roofs. You can now pee under the blue skies.

Nice rocks Posh Rocks line the way

International Convention Centre Ticket lineLong queue for tickets at the International Convention Centre. OK the YOG has just released more tickets online. I just bought 2 tickets for the Handball Finals like 2 hours ago. Go get some while the tickets are still there. This is your last chance to be part of the Olympic action on home soil, so don’t regret when it’s too late!!!! If not you may just have to take a plane ride to London 2 years from now.

Singapore Youth Olympics Games – Here I come (to watch)!

I’m brimming with energy even though it is nearly 1 am! I really must be a night person! It’s also thanks to the fact that I will not be going into the office tomorrow because I’ve taken leave to watch the Youth Olympic Games Women’s Gymnastics Preliminaries! I can’t wait to see what it is like. Despite being a loyal TV spectator of this sport for more than 20 years, I have never witnessed a live Gymnastics competition up close and personal before! This will be my 1st time and it’s none too soon!

I’ve also got myself tickets to watch the canoing/kayaking race at the Marina Reservoir on Saturday morning. It’s not that I am a super fan of canoing/kayaking. I just feel like this Youth Olympics is such a rare event that I surely have to do more than watch just 1 sport? Also, the view of the Marina Reservoir, with the Singapore Flyer in the background, must be a pretty sight to behold. I specially picked the morning race so that the photos will turn out great in the morning sunlight. I can’t wait!

How are you enjoying the inaugural Youth Olympic Games?

Here are 2 photos for you to enjoy, taken from the YOG Opening Ceremony preview I attended.

YOG Opening Ceremony - Monster

The Floating Platform looks like it is burning down, while the Marina Bay Sands looks stately in the background.

YOG Opening Ceremony - Fireworks

Fireworks erupt after Singapore’s National Flag is raised

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