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Beef Ball Mee Pok

When I first discovered the existence of Gar Lok Eating House’s Beef Ball Mee Pok from fellow blogger Creating Objective’s website, I was like “I have to try this out no matter what”. I mean it looked so good! The prominent strands of yellow mee pok contrasted so well with the voluptuous looking beef balls.

I hear that the beef ball noodles here is very famous. It’s evident when you see the pictures of the numerous TV variety programmes that have featured them, pasted on their stall front. I’m no expert at beef ball noodles but here’s my take. Visually of course, I loved them. Taste wise, I found the beef balls to be slightly lacking in flavour and also just a little dry. The noodles however were pretty tasty. I ate quite a lot of it before I even started on the beef balls. Towards the end, the noodles somehow got a little soft, perhaps thanks to my lengthy photo taking, or perhaps in part due to the bottom bits of noodles lying in oil. The chilli provided tasted like the type you have when you eat chicken rice.

Okay to cut to the chase, here are the photos.

Gar Lok Eating House - Beef Ball Noodles Gar Lok Eating House - Beef Ball Noodles (2)

Front view of the beef balls

Gar Lok Eating House - Beef Ball Noodles (6)

Back View of the Beef Balls….

Gar Lok Eating House - Beef Ball Noodles (3)

Beef balls with chilli

Gar Lok Eating House - Beef Ball Noodles (4)

The beef balls are actually placed in the soup. For photo taking purposes, I took them out.

Gar Lok Eating House (3)

Curry fish from the stall next to the beef ball stall. Costs $4, which is a good price, but fish was just average.

Gar Lok Eating HouseGar Lok Eating House (2)

Click on the left photo to see the prices of the beef ball noodles. They have tendon ball and sliced beef noodles as well. I don’t know if I’ve ever tried tendon balls before. I love old school kopitiams. Hope to visit more in time to come.

Workers' Party Headquarters

Whaddya know, when I was devouring my noodles, from between the pillars where I was sitting, I spied a hammer logo. From another angle, I only saw the signboard saying Lighting House. So I thought it was a shop selling lights and other household tools. But as you can well see, it’s the Workers’ Party’s Headquarters! No I didn’t see Sylvia Lim or Low Thia Khiang, but it would be quite a treat if they had been sitting at the next table eating some noodles!


Gar Lok Eating House

217 Syed Alwi Road (S)207776

Google Maps Directions

365days2play goes local!

As you must be well aware if you’ve been following this blog, that most of my posts centre around restaurant and cafe visits. This is because on the weekends, I like to relax and enjoy my time by hanging out at such places. Recently, a colleague mentioned that I may be able to garner more readership if I put up more recommendations of places with good local food. He may have a point. After all, the Singaporean taste bud ultimately hankers after simple local fare. And that’s really what we eat on a daily basis, not steak, lamb chops, fries, cake.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I’m no expert when it comes to Singaporean local food. I don’t know where to find the best Satay, I don’t know where to find the best Mee Pok, and I most certainly don’t know where to find the best Kuay Chap, although I could possibly tell you where to find relatively good Kuay Chap. As much as I want readership, I have to direct you to Ieat.Ishoot.Ipost for the best local eats in Singapore. Dr Leslie Tay has documented local food options so extensively that it would take months (or years!) for me to even catch up with him, if I started today.

Meanwhile, here are some photos I took over the last year. Yes I do go to hawker centres and kopitiams, especially with my parents.

Fishball Mee Pok

Rojak (1)

Breakfast Fried Yellow Mee

Hokkien Mee

Changi Airport T3 Foodcourt - Carrot Cake

Old Airport Road Food Centre - Tau Suan (2)

Old Airport Road Food Centre - Best Red Bean Soup


More coming up….

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