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Robolots La Creperie and Bar

*Closed Down*

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Yet another eatery has opened in the slowly modernising Joo Chiat street. This time, it’s a creperie called Robolots. It’s located on the 1st floor within Katong Junction Mall itself and you might just miss it if you weren’t looking out for it. It’s just a short walk from Mooshi Bakes and 112 Katong Mall.

As the name suggests, Robolots serves crepes, both savoury as well as sweet. The crepes that they serve aren’t like what you may find at Canele or Creperie des Arts. Robolot’s crepes are on the soft side, almost like a very thin pancake but with a bit more chew, as compared to the somewhat crispy ones from Canele or Creperie des Arts or even Mooshi Bakes just down the road.

I am told by Jooann, the young owner of Robolots, that the flours are specially sourced and imported from Italy. The special flour gives the crepes a faint fragrance not detectable if one were to use locally produced flour.

The partner and I tried 2 dishes at Robolots. We chose a savoury crepe and a dessert. Interestingly, the dessert was served first.

Robolots - Layers of ripened banana bread stack made with milk, honey, cinnamon, raisins and chocolate chips, served with a scoop of vanilla gelato

French Bana-Strata – Layers of ripened banana bread stack made with milk, honey, cinnamon, raisins and chocolate chips, served with a scoop of vanilla gelato $7.90.

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Mooshi Bakes Brasserie

If you were wondering what happened to Joo Joo, the Kushiyaki outlet opened by the people from Awfully Chocolate, well that no longer exists. In its place now stands a brunch type place called Mooshi Bakes. Actually Mooshi Bakes existed long ago beside Joo Joo, and was bakery arm of the business. This new brunch cafe just shares the same name.

Mooshi Bakes -

I’m quite glad that Joo Joo is gone because back then I thought the place was over priced for a casual non air-conditioned eatery. I’m quite glad that Mooshi Bakes has since realised the benefits of keeping their customers cool as well as keeping the noise from the roads out. Joo Chiat Road is literally 2 steps away from the front door! Other than the air-conditioning, the place looks pretty much the same. They’ve kept the same chairs and the black chalk board, more apt for a brunch place than a Japanese Kushiyaki place.

Mooshi Bakes - (3)

At first glance, the menu looks pretty enticing. They have the usual Big Breakfast, which they’ve named The Really Big Breakfast. That goes for $22 and is I believe the most expensive dish on the menu. The rest are not far though, with most going for about $16 – $18. I was torn between wanting to order the Really Big Breakfast and trying something more exotic like the Souffle Omelette. I’m greedy lah, I like the big breakfast because it comes with everything!

Mooshi Bakes - Souffle Omelette $18 (3) Soufflé Omelette with red cheddar and parmesan cheese sprinklings $18

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