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Janice Wong Restaurant at the National Museum–Exquisite plated desserts!

Attended the Margaret River Gourmet Escape pre-launch event held last week at the newly opened Janice Wong Singapore. Before I delve into the details of the Margaret River Gourmet Escape (happening on 18 – 22 November 2016, tickets available here), here’s a quick sneak peek into the fantastical desserts that Janice Wong has conjured up at her second outlet in Singapore, which she will also feature at the festival. Btw, the restaurant at the National Museum sees Janice Wong expanding her culinary repertoire by introducing mains to the menu. Yes, the menu offers savoury items, although it seems limited to noodles and xiao long baos mainly.

Margaret River Gourmet Escape - Breakfast in Singapore (Pandan Kaya ice cream, pistachio crumble, cake, coconut textures) $19

Breakfast in Singapore (Pandan Kaya ice cream, pistachio crumble, cake, coconut textures) $19

This dessert had me nearly scraping a hole into the plate to reach the last tasty drop. The pandan kaya and coconutty flavours were really pronounced, and it was a nice way to enjoy “kaya toast” in an icy cold manner.

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Free entry to the Singapore museums till 4th January 2009

We went to the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) as well as the National Museum of Singapore (NMS) today. I never actually really thought about it, but they are almost situated next to each other, with SMU (Singapore Management University) between them.

We had lunch at Dome cafe at SAM, followed by a quick walk around SAM. I find that I really can’t appreciate abstract art, and I’ve totally given up on trying to understand them, not that I’ve tried very hard. But that’s the whole point. I want art to be nice, beautiful, dreamy, scenic. I don’t want to have to understand it. Art to me, is not for understanding! Art is for looking at!! Anyway, it seems half the building consists of abstract sculptures, or household items suddenly thrown together to become art. On the other hand, I totally enjoyed the Korean art exhibition.

Here are 2 exhibits I enjoyed very much. Pity I don’t remember the artists names.

IMG_1019 - Copy

IMG_1025 - Copy

The Singapore Art Museum also has free entry from Monday to Friday from 12noon-2pm.

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