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[CNY 2014] PrimaDeli Chinese New Year Cookies

Chinese New Year is in less than 2 weeks! Have you bought all your new clothes and Chinese New Year goodies yet? Fret not if you haven’t bought those Chinese New Year goodies because I’ll be reviewing several brands and giving you the low down on the best CNY cookies to buy.

Prima Deli Cheese Pineapple Tarts and Pillow Pineapple Tarts (2)

First up for review are PrimaDeli’s range of Chinese New Year cookies. The PrimaDéli Chinese New Year collection 2014 features a treasure trove of good ol’ traditional treats ranging from everyone’s favourite pineapple tarts, to love letters and melt-in-your-mouth Kueh Bangkit. In addition to these delights, there are also new unique treats with a twist such as the Cheese Pineapple Tarts, Orange Butter Cake and three new cookies – Sesame, Walnut Sugee and Pistachio Cookies.

Prima Deli Cheese Pineapple Tarts and Pillow Pineapple Tarts (1)

Cheese Pineapple Tarts and Pillow Pineapple Tarts $16.80 / tin

Pineapple tarts are always a perennial favourite for me, and it just ain’t Chinese New Year if I don’t eat a ton of these goodies. I like my pineapple tarts bursting with sweet pineapple. You will like the pillow pineapple tarts if you have a sweet tooth like me. Couldn’t resist stealing a few of those mouthwatering pillows before I could take a picture. The cheese pineapple tarts are for those who are looking for a more mellow and less sweet pineapple tart. The parmesan cheese flavour is rather light, you might miss it if you’re not paying attention, but it does lend a touch of savouriness / nuttiness to the pineapple filling.

And at the end of all the feasting, you get to reuse the pretty containers to keep some other food stuff! Sure looks like the Chinese New Year cookie boxes are going the way of the Mooncake boxes. Mark my words, you heard it here on 365days2play first!

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iBake, Prima’s 1st upmarket cafe bakery

*Media Invite*

We are all familiar with the bakery chain big boys. I think there isn’t a soul in Singapore who hasn’t heard of BreadTalk. And of course you have the others such as Four Leaves, DJ Bakery, Sun Moulin, etc. It’s interesting that with the proliferation of so many cafes in Singapore, none of these big boys bakery chains have ventured into a proper sit down cafe featuring their baked goods. I suppose BreadTalk’s Toastbox comes close, but I wouldn’t call it a “cafe” so to speak, because most people just go to ToastBox for kopi and toast.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Prima has just opened it’s 1st upmarket cafe destination bakery called iBake, at Star Vista in Buona Vista. It is the first home-grown full-service destination bakery that uses its own customised Prima flour for its unique offerings of breads. This is offered by no other bakery in Singapore. You may already know that Prima mills its own flour, hence the capability to offer this. I was told that iBake was developed to showcase this special Prima flour, that is used in the atas baked goods that hotels order from Prima. So you won’t be seeing tons of iBakes sprouting all over Singapore, although I would be quite happy if there was an iBake near where I live!

Having heard much about Prima’s flour during my 3 month intensive baking course at Prima’s Baking Industry Training Centre, I was quite keen to find out if the products would live up to the name. iBake offers a fine selection of European crusted breads combined with the light, airy textures of Japanese breads. I personally like European crusted breads as the crust is packed with flavour. When the breads are well made like they are in Europe, you won’t find it so chewy, like what most Singaporeans complain about.

Prima iBake

There is a large sit down area, or if you so choose, you may order the smaller bites for takeaway.

Prima iBake - Bread Basket (Petite French Stick with Milk Cream, Petite Gruyere Cheese, Petite Anchovy Croissant and Petite French Croissant)

Bread Basket (Petite French Stick with Milk Cream, Petite Gruyere Cheese, Petite Anchovy Croissant and Petite French Croissant)

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