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Restaurant JAG– Let this Michelin-starred restaurant surprise you

I recently had the privilege to try out the Restaurant JAG, which is helmed by Jeremy Gillon, located along Duxton Road. Since opening its doors on October 2018, it has within that short span of time managed to snag an impressive number of awards including T Top 20 2019/2020 Singapore Tatler Wine & Dine Singapore’s Top Restaurants 2019/2020 and most notably a One Michelin Star in 2019.
Restaurant Jag
At Restaurant JAG, more than 40 naturally foraged in the wild herbs from the Savoie region of France are the highlight of the menu. They have pride of place along the kitchen wall where they are never out of sight from the chefs. These herbs feature in every single dish, but in a creative and beautiful way. A limited ala-carte menu is available, however diners are encouraged to opt for Chef’s omakase menu, which will feature the freshest seasonal ingredients in dishes specially designed to highlight the distinctive trait of used herbs. Should you have any dietary restrictions, there is no need to inform days in advance, it can be done upon arrival, thanks to the cooking techniques employed and the way the menu is curated.

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999.99 (Five Nines) – Best beef tenderloin and lamb chops

It’s not often that I come across a restaurant with this many laudable dishes, but yes, nearly every single thing that I tried at 999.99 (Five Nines) at Keong Saik street was delicious and memorable. What sort of weird name is Five Nines, you may ask. Well, 999.99 is the finest form of gold and is considered the gold standard. The team at 999.99 holds themselves to this gold standard in the food that they serve, be it quality, service or presentation. Five Nines is helmed by Chef Masanao Saito, where his previous experience included being Head Chef of the Japanese Embassy in Sweden, serving Japanese Kaiseki and French cuisine to dignitaries.

Let’s cut to the chase and let me tell you which dishes to order to maximise your dollar. Without a doubt, do not leave Five Nines without ordering either the Smoky Lamb with Eggplant, the Beef Tenderloin and Foie Gras, or the Lobster Gratin. These 3 were absolutely mind blowing.

Five Nines - Smoky Lamb with eggplant $22 (1)

Smoky Lamb with eggplant $22

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Oso Ristorante

Went to Oso Ristorante today as a farewell lunch for my boss. It is a nice little place located in the corner shophouse along Bukit Pasoh Road. When we arrived, there was nobody downstairs so I thought we were the only ones. Turns out the 1st floor is the bar area and everyone else was upstairs. I heard that on weekends the bar is jammed packed with customers. Nowadays there are just so many Italian restaurants in Singapore, it’s almost hard to choose. Oso Restaurant is but one of them, but the unique thing about Oso Ristorante is that it is located in a quaint shophouse.

The place feels slightly cramped, perhaps due to the low ceiling, and I had to clamber past one chair in order to get to my own. However, the space didn’t bother me that much after we were seated, and the more positive amongst us would possibly consider it as simply a cosy restaurant. The decor was also pleasant and they had wooden planked floors. Be sure not to sit next to someone who rocks or shakes his leg or you might inadvertently get motion sick.

They had a lunch set menu for $32 where you choose a starter, mains and dessert from a choice of 3 per section. It was quite hard for me to make up my mind because none of the items particularly called out to me. Still I did finally manage to shortlist the required 3.  On the other hand, many of the a la carte dishes looked really interesting. In particular, I could just hear the Homemade Veal stuffed Ravioli with cheese fondue and mushroom sauce calling my name! And they are not too expensive either, at $23 for any pasta dish.

In the end, we found out that the chef was willing to do a special “tasting” menu just for us s o we went ahead with that instead of the normal set menu. This is what we had. Delicious!

Oso Ristorante Appetiser Sampling Plate

Appetizer tasting platter

Oso Ristorante Truffle Pasta

Main dish part 1 – Pasta with nutty truffle sauce! SO DELICIOUS!

Oso Ristorante Grilled Seabass with vine-ripened tomatoes

Main dish part 2 – Grilled seabass with vine ripened tomatoes

Oso Ristorante Dessert Sampling Platter

Dessert – Interestingly, the panna cotta (the white thing on the top left) had pepper bits on it. Wonder if it was a mistake, but it was a tasty mistake if any.

Conclusion, good enough to bring AA, and definitely will do so in the near future.

Address for Oso Ristorante

46 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089858

Tel: (65) 6327 8378

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