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Heineken event at The Exchange

*Media Invite*

Food and drink is something that is dear to our hearts. Aside from the fact that we eat and drink for a very primal purpose, we often partake in the activity without much thought. When we taste something nice, we merely luxuriate in the enjoyment. Hardly do we go “ah well the Chef sautéed this dish for 2 minutes and not 3 minutes and that’s why the meat is still tender”. It’s the same case for drinks.

Recently I was invited by Heineken and Iris Nation to learn about the importance of the foam head that comes with the beer. The event was held at The Exchange in Shenton Way, and no it’s not the Stock Exchange. I’ll be the 1st to admit that prior to this event, I knew nuts about it.

The foam is so important in a beer that Heineken has appointed draught masters who have undergone intensive training sessions all the way in Amsterdam. They will be like “ambassadors” and only 8 were selected from all over the world to participate in the programme. Singapore has one such Draught Master Frank Yu, who kindly taught us how to obtain the perfect pour.

Heineken Beer Event (4)

Frank Yu demonstrating how to obtain the perfect brew

Why is the beer head/foam so important?

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The Exchange – Waitangi Day Celebrations

Waitangi Day Party at The Exchange

Were you at the Waitangi Day Celebrations at The Exchange today like I told you to do? Here’s what you missed out! The turnout was quite huge, beyond my expectations actually. A lot of people were wearing All Black shirts or having shirts with the words New Zealand/NZ on them. So patriotic! Which Singaporean would wear a shirt saying Singapore?

The great thing about holding the event at The Exchange is that there is a huge open space on the ground floor of the Asia Square building (kind of like as big as the open space at the National Library). The kids were running wild there as its Sunday and all the office types are safely at home.

The Exchange - Bouncy Castle

This guy refused to get out of my photo, okay so he shall be in it!

The Exchange - (3) I stayed indoors in the comfort of the air con. The Exchange itself is also very spacious.

The Exchange - (4)

They have a see through kitchen that spans the restaurant seating area. Very good for entertaining yourself if you’re bored with your dining companion.

The Exchange - Speights and Steinlager

The long awaited New Zealand beers! It’s really hard to find NZ beers in the supermarkets this is the 1st time we have 2 different brands of beer on the same table! It’s a miracle! I can’t tell which I prefer more, Steinlager or Speights. Love them both though. I thought I saw several people buying cartons of beer back but I realise that they won them in the lucky draw! LUCKY!!! They’re not cheap if you’re having them at The Exchange, $13 bottle. Ok not cheap compared to how much they’d cost back in New Zealand.

The Exchange - Fish & Chips (2)

The Exchange normally isn’t opened on Sundays, so just for Waitangi Day celebrations, they had a special Waitangi Day menu. I ordered the Fish and Chips. 2 huge pieces for $18. Very nice! The dish was served piping hot, which is exactly how I like it when eating fried food. The fish was ultra flaky, had an almost melt in the mouth texture and was so fresh tasting! The batter coating was also pretty tasty although it was a bit thick. If there was more of the tender fish and less of the batter, it would have been totally perfect. Fries were so so, and a bit short, like left over fries. The Fish and Chips are labelled as Battered Haddock in the normal menu.

Definitely would come back to try this again. We didn’t order anything else as the fish and the beer filled us up for dinner! Group Executive Chef Kacey Whaitiri-Roberts, a kiwi native who previously worked for Gordon Ramsey at Claridge’s London and Emmanuel Stoobant’s Saint Pierre group of restaurants, looking forward to sampling more of their stuff. Check out The Exchange’s menu here and bar nibbles here.

The Exchange - (2)

These people know where their priorities lay.

Check out this link for more Kiwi dining places in Singapore

The Exchange

8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, #01-05, Singapore, Singapore 018960

Tel : 66361200

Breakfast : 8am – 11.30am  Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm   Dinner : 5pm – 1am

The Exchange’s Website or Facebook

Where to find New Zealand restaurants in Singapore

It’s going to be Waitangi Day (New Zealand Day) on Monday 6 February! In order to commemorate this day, I thought I should highlight places where you can get Kiwi food in Singapore! I had to research quite a bit just to get hold of the information. As expected, there are far more Australian restaurants/cafes in Singapore as compared to New Zealand restaurants/cafes, thanks to the population size of Australia. Nevertheless, there are places to enjoy New Zealand inspired food in Singapore, and here’s where.

1. The Exchange

8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, #01-05, Singapore, Singapore 018960

Tel : 66361200

Breakfast : 8am – 11.30am  Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm   Dinner : 5pm – 1am

The Exchange opened not long ago. They’re a Bar/Brasserie serving Australasian fare but their MD and Group Executive Chef are both Kiwis! I personally haven’t been down to The Exchange yet, but I’m planning to do so for the Waitangi Day event!

Waitangi Day Special!

In conjunction with the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, on Sunday 5 February (that’s TODAY!) from 3-7pm, come on down to The Exchange to celebrate Waitangi Day. Be entertained by “Moira and the Pukekos”, a Singapore based band made up of Kiwi’s who will have you rocking with lots of Kiwi Classics. There will be a Bouncy Castle for the kids and a Lucky Draw as well! If you don’t know what is Hokey Pokey Ice Cream and Fush and Chups, or if you miss them, come on down to get your fill. Lots of Cold Speights beer!

Check out The Exchange’s Website or Facebook for more information on this event.


2. Blackbird Cafe

6 Handy Road, Singapore, Singapore 229234

Tel : 63373448

Blackbird Cafe Facebook

Blackbird Café is a NZ inspired café, aiming to bring NZ coffee culture to Singapore. Blackbird cafe, opened its doors in May 2011. Marc Schicker, a shareholder of Blackbird Café and originally from NZ, has been living in Singapore for the last 6 years. Unable to find a good coffee hangout and good quality hearty casual bites in Singapore (these cafes are ubiquitous in NZ), he decided to start his own cafe.

New Zealand products you can get at Blackbird Cafe include Havana Coffee, Kiwi Burger, the New Zhepherd pie, Nana’s lasagne, NZ marmite soldiers and Kapiti Ice Cream. Kiwi wines such as Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc and Oyster Bay Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir, as well as, NZ Speight’s and Steinlager beers

Waitangi Day Special!

Blackbird Cafe will be having a Sunday Roast to celebrate the occasion. The roast comes with a choice of roasted lamb or beef with sweet potatoes (kumara) and greens. New Zealanders love a good Sunday Roast and Sunday Roasts are not easy to find in Singapore! The Sunday Roast is going to be available every Sunday!

Check out this link to read about my previous visit to Blackbird Cafe 

Blackbird Cafe NZ inspired dishes

3. The Baker and Cook

77 Hillcrest Road, 288951 Singapore.
Phone: +65 6469 8834

Sunday to Thursday – 7am to 8pm
Friday to Saturday – 7am to 10pm

The newly opened Baker & Cook flagship artisan bakery & foodstore is nestled in the Greenwood Area. Owner Dean Brettschneider is a New Zealander and so is his head baker David O’Brien. You can get a range of jams, chutneys, handcrafted packaged cookies, cakes, as well as cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The NZ inspired products include Carrot Cake, Turkish Pide as well as the Allpress Coffee which is flown in from New Zealand. You should go to their website to see their entire menu. It’s extensive!

I haven’t been to The Baker and Cook yet, but our President Tony Tan has already been at least twice! I’m going to go down for breakfast in a few hours time, I hope President Tony Tan will be there too!

outside B&C
Carrot Cake and Turkish Pide

4. New Zealand Beers

And if you just want to celebrate Waitangi Day with the help of some beer, head on down to BQ Bar, Molly Malone’s or the Bull and Bear. Steinlager and Speights, bring it on!

5. New Zealand products

Or if you want to celebrate at home, you could always get New Zealand products from the supermarket. Try Vogel Muesli, Tip Top Ice Cream, VNC Cocktails, Charlie’s Juice, Kapiti Ice Crea, Puhoi cheese and Griffin’s Biscuits.


~~~Happy Waitangi Day!~~~


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