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What is open during Chinese New Year 2016?

Here’s my annual list of supermarkets, malls and kopi/cafe places that are open during the CNY period! Hope you find it useful. If the supermarket or shopping centre in Orchard road is not listed here, it’s because the information is not available (yet)! You can also check 2015 guide, 2014 guide, 2013 guide or 2012 guide for reference.

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wishes all a prosperous and wonderful Chinese New Year 2016!



  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  All stores close at 5pm.
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – All stores closed except for 25 stores that will be open 24 hr (see list)
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – All stores closed except for 25 stores that will be open 24 hr (see list)
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – All open except 5
  • See the full list of NTUC opening hours here

Cold Storage Supermarket

  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  Most stores 8am – 7pm.
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Most stores 10am – 7pm/9pm.
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb) – Mostly normal hours
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Open as usual
  • Some stores open 24 hr throughout : Aperia, Cluny Park, Rail Mall, NEX, Sentosa Cove
  • See the full list of Cold Storage opening hours here

Giant Supermarket

  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  All open at largely the same hours as usual!
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – All open at largely the same hours as usual!
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – All open at largely the same hours as usual!
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Open as usual
  • See the full list of Giant Supermarket opening hours here

Sheng Siong

7-Eleven Stores

  • OPEN during Chinese New Year!

Shopping Centres / Changi Airport

Marina Bay Sands

ION Orchard


  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) – Closed at 5.30pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Closed
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Closed
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Open
  • Takashimaya Opening Hours


  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) – 10am – 5pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Closed
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Closed
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Open
  • Tangs Website


  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) – Most stores closed about 5.30 pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – A number of stores closed esp upper floors
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – A number of stores closed esp upper floors
  • Din Tai Fung, BreadTalk, Market Place, Fish & Co, Yakun open throughout
  • See the full list of Paragon store opening hours here


  • Open as per usual from 10am – 11pm everyday
  • IKEA Website

Kopi, Teh and Cafes

Killiney Kopitiam

  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  Most outlets closed, except Cheers ECP, HK Street, McPherson, Metropolis, Changi Airport, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Marina Sq closes at 1pm.
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Most outlets closed
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Most outlets closed
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Half of the outlets open.
  • Changi Airport, HK Street, Cheers ECP, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal open throughout
  • See the full list of Killiney Kopitiam outlets opening hours here

Toast Box

  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  Most close at 3.30pm – 4pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Half the stores open from 10am – 7pm.
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Half the stores open from 10am – 7pm. Some normal hours.
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Mostly normal hours. Asia Sq, Cap Sq, MBLM, NAFA closed.
  • No more Changi Airport outlet at T3. Closed down! Resorts World normal hours throughout
  • See the full list of Toast Box outlets opening hours here


  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  Mostly open until 2.30pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Mostly closed. Bugis Junction, Paragon, ION, AMK Mrt, HDB Hub open till 7.30pm
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb) – Mostly closed. Above and Parkway, Northpoint, White Sands, NEX etc open till about 7.30pm
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Nearly all biz as usual
  • Changi Airport outlet open throughout
  • See the full list of Yakun outlets opening hours here

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Closed at Ngee Ann City, CPF Building, Republic Plaza, Expo, Singapore Post Kiosk, Ngee Ann Poly
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Closed at CPF Building, Republic Plaza, Expo, Singapore Post Kiosk, Ngee Ann Poly
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Business as usual
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Stores opening hours

O’Coffee Club

  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Closed at Cap Square, Funan, Harbourfront, Tampines 1, Wisma
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – All outlets open except Cap Square
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Business as usual
  • O’Coffee Club Stores opening hours


  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – All outlets mostly open except CBD outlets
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – All outlets mostly open except CBD outlets
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Largely normal operations

Cafes that will be open during CNY

Cafes that will be closed during CNY


Sushi Tei

  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  Closed at 3pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Closed
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Closed
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Normal Operations
  • See Sushi Tei opening hours here



List will be updated as and when I receive more information. Happy Chinese New Year to all! HUAT AH! Smile Smile

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PasarBella Suntec City – What to eat?

Although PasarBella touts itself as a farmer’s market, I don’t really view them as such, as there’s hardly any local produce being sold and it’s mostly eateries instead of a good mix of retail and food. But whatever the name, it’s quite enjoyable going to the PasarBella outlet at The Grand Stand (former Turf City). Guess what, they’ve now opened another outlet at Suntec City so it’s much easier for those without private transportation to get a taste of what PasarBella is like.

Pasar Bella (3)

PasarBella is located at the ground floor of Tower 1

If you’re familiar with PasarBella at The Grandstand, PasarBella at Suntec City isn’t exactly the same. The PasarBella at Suntec City is much smaller, think 1/3 the size? Also, out of the 13 stalls there, 12 are eateries. In fact, PasarBella at Suntec City strikes me more as a grungy and urban foodcourt with an overdose of graffiti laden walls and neon coloured lighting. Order from any stall that you please, collect your food and sit where you will. It’s a pricey food court though, let’s be upfront with that, be prepared to spend at least $10 for lunch there. And there’s no ubiquitous drinks stall selling canned drinks or mineral water, so that’s another $4 or so for a cup of coffee or $6 for juice.

Pasar Bella (1)

Still, I’m sure it must be packed on weekdays with office workers looking to have something different to eat, minus the fuss of deciding on a specific restaurant to go to. The food that we tried was quite good (not thinking about the price), and I would definitely like to go back again to sample more stalls.

Pasar Bella Wolf Burger

Wolf Burgers – The Wolf

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5 places to help you throw your dream Christmas party

It’s the time of the year again, where we prepare for that one all important day, the 25th of December. I love this period where all the festive decorations are up, and Christmas songs are blasting in every mall and supermarket. Because you know, 1 day to celebrate Christmas is just too short! This year, Christmas falls on a Friday which is great because it means an extended Christmas celebration!

How will you be celebrating Christmas? If you’re planning to throw your own Christmas party, I say go for it! It’s more economical, you get to have more food and you can escape the traffic jams of Orchard Road. Actually it’s not too difficult these days to quickly put together a home party. There are so many places where you can pre-order your Christmas turkeys, Christmas platters and other festive goodies. Some have even come up with new twists to traditional favourites in a bid to help you wow your guests. Here are 5 places you should check out for your Christmas goodies.

Ryan’s Grocery

Specialty grocer and butchery Ryan’s Grocery rings in the festive season with an array of organic, gluten-free Christmas goodies. From Gourmet Christmas Roasts Sets that feature delicious grass fed organic roast beef, gluten-free honey baked ham and free-range Linley Valley pork marinated in red wine and garlic to a range of organic, gluten-free sausage platters, Ryan’s grocery has you covered for a fuss-free day of quality Christmas entertaining.

Looking for the perfect gift for the discerning gourmand? Ryan’s Grocery will also be offering a delightful range of gift sets from small batch specialist producers from Western Australia that are exclusive to the store.

Organic Premium Grassfed Black Angus Beef 2kg $160

Roasted Organic Premium Grassfed Black Angus Beef 2kg $160

Ryan Grocery Homemade Christmas Special Gluten Free Sausage Platter $29

Homemade Christmas Special Gluten Free Sausage Platter $29 – These sausages are hormone free, antibiotic free, sulphites and nitrates free using all natural casings, which is really good to know.

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Singapore Food Festival 2015

The Singapore Food Festival (SFF) returns for the 22nd year with a special edition in celebration of SG50. Themed “A Fresh Taste of Tradition”, SFF2015 will honour generations of food heritage by flavours from the past and reinterpreting culinary traditions that will push the envelope of Singapore’s dining scene. The 17-day festival will take place in various locations around Singapore from 17 July to 2 August 2015. SFF2015 will be a celebration of Singapore’s best local food and talents.

Launched in 1994 by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the Singapore Food Festival is a flag-bearer of Singapore’s vibrant food legacy, presenting varied ways to experience our nation’s culture. Till today, it is the only food festival in Singapore to feature local delights, and at the same time reinterpreting them to showcase the inventive spirit of our ever-evolving local food scene.

Singapore Food Festival (4)

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Get your fill of Shizuoka products from Cold Storage

Shizuoka Prefecture is the home of Mount Fuji, so if you’re reminiscing your recent holiday trip to Japan, you might just want to relive the food memories by making a trip to Cold Storage!

The pristine and rich waters of Mt. Fuji play a crucial role in the agriculture of that area and yield some of Japan’s best harvests including green teas, wasabi; and the most luxurious fresh fruit such as musk melons and grapes. This pure mountain water also flows into the Suruga Wan (Suruga Bay) which is well-known for some of Japan’s best seafood and seaweed.

Here are some interesting items I spotted…

Cold Storage Shizouka Food Fair (3)

$79 Shizuoka melon.This had better be one damn good tasting melon! The one vein and one fruit growth method is used to optimise nutrition and ensure the fruit is of the highest quality. Refrigerate 3 to 5 hours before eating to bring out the best flavour of the melon.

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