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Marriott Christmas Party 2017

Hope you guys are enjoying the festive long weekend! Here are some pictures of the party we had at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza hotel a couple of weeks back! Don’t you just wish that Christmas were longer? There’s so many festive things to see and do, and yet so little time!

Marriott Christmas Party 2017 (12)

Marriott Festive Spread

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Where to have an affordable Christmas Dinner for about $30+!

Christmas Dinner

Christmas is a time for celebrating, but the last thing you want is to feel like a pauper the rest of the year. If you want to have a cheap Christmas meal and you don’t want to cook, here are some restaurants and cafes to consider. Also read my article on 15 places to have Festive Afternoon Tea, because afternoon tea is cheaper than Festive Buffet Lunch or Dinner!

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Christmas Afternoon Tea at The Regent Singapore

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you managed to have a great celebration together with loved ones and friends! Christmas is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year and I really wish it were 12 days long instead of just one! I love all the Christmassy decorations, the “colder” weather, the festive atmosphere and of course, PRESENTS!

Christmas at The Regent Hotel (28)

Every year as is tradition with The Partner and I, we like to go for a nice Christmas meal outside. The last few years we have always gone to The GoodWood Park Hotel for their Christmas day buffet lunch, but we decided to say enough is enough when prices got way over $100 per pax. Yeah, I mean I can understand that restaurants jack up prices during Christmas, but to pay double what they would normally charge, you gotta wonder whether it would be more worth it to enjoy the buffet on a normal day, then you can have it twice!

Christmas at The Regent Hotel (2)

So I thought I would have to forgo the restaurant festivities this year, when I thought of a good plan. Did you know that apart from Christmas lunch and Christmas-Eve dinner, there is also Christmas afternoon tea buffet? Christmas afternoon tea buffet was exactly what we went for today, at the Regent Hotel. Instead of paying well over $100, we just paid $65++ per pax for an equally enjoyable Christmas lunch! Yes, the afternoon tea was served in 2 seatings, so we took the earlier seating from 12-2.30pm. The afternoon tea buffet is obviously not as lavish as what you would expect for a lunch buffet, but it was still lavish enough that I barely sampled half the items at the buffet! I’m definitely going for the Christmas afternoon tea buffet next year if given the choice. I hope that me letting this secret out won’t cause prices to inflate!

Christmas at The Regent Hotel (20)

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Grand Park Orchard

If you haven’t already booked your Christmas Eve Dinner or Christmas Lunch, you just might want to consider Open House at Grand Park Hotel Orchard. In fact, I would highly recommend Grand Park Orchard’s buffet even if it weren’t the festive period. Open House boasts a buffet that is known more as “All-you-can-eat”. You know how it is with buffets, the chef may be talented, but after a huge vat of food is place out in the open for too long, the quality just isn’t the same as if you had ordered ala-carte. At Grand Park, they have 4 stations where you can enjoy food cooked to order, hence “All you can eat” rather than simply a buffet.

Another amazing fact about this restaurant is that most of the local dishes they serve taste really good! Better than some versions you get in the hawker centres in fact. And the prices are quite palatable too. $33++ for a quality buffet in the heart of Orchard road, does it get anymore value for money?????


All-You-Can-Eat at Open House

Lunch : 12noon to 2.30pm
(Mondays to Sundays)
$25++ per person

Dinner : 6.30pm to 10.30pm
(Mondays to Sundays)
$33++ per person

Festive All-You-Can-Eat at Open House (10 to 23 December 2012)

Lunch: 12noon – 2.30pm
$42++ per person

Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
$58++ per person

Christmas Eve All-You-Can-Eat and Scintillating Views

Lunch: 12noon – 2.30pm
$42++ per person

Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
$98++ per person
(Inclusive of free flow Wines, Chilled Juices & Soft Drinks)

The Joy of Christmas Day All-You-Can-Eat Feasts

Lunch: 12noon – 2.30pm
$68++ per person*

Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
$68++ per person*

*Add $50++ to enjoy free flow Champagne, Wines & Soft Drinks


Grand Park Orchard Hotel Open House Restaurant (42)

Roasted Char Siew Turkey with Five Spices

Grand Park Orchard Hotel Open House Restaurant (18)

Grilled Chicken with Rum & Rasin Sauce

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Swensen’s 12 Sundaes of Christmas

*Media Invite*

Every year in December, I start getting a huge headache. No I’m not worrying about the year-end performance appraisals. It’s the big headache of what to do for Christmas! Should I go for a Christmas buffet at some hotel? Should I keep it simple and have a home cooked meal with my parents and the Partner? Should I throw a party for some friends? In the past few years, I’ve actually done all of the above in the same year. Hey there’s Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day you know.

This year, I’m definitely still going to throw a Christmas party, now that I’ve got this humongous oven bought just a month ago. Actually, I bought 2 ovens. Talk about being a shopaholic! But this year, I’m thinking, maybe, just maybe, I should forgo the restaurant celebration. As with Valentine’s day, prices are horrendously jacked up during the Christmas period. While it’s great fun to enjoy a meal at the restaurant and to enjoy the taller than tall Christmas tree that the hotels usually have, one has to fork out extra $$$ to dine under tinsel and mistletoe. Most Christmas buffets cost around $100 or more for the big hotels. Serious money for just 3 hours of enjoyment.

The other day, Swensen’s invited me down to sample their Christmas menu. After the very enjoyable event, it suddenly dawned upon me that maybe I can consider celebrating Christmas at Swensen’s! Swensen’s have come up with 12 festive ice creams just for Christmas. I tried some of them and they not only taste great, they look great! What’s not to like about ice-cream, especially ones decked out with cute little gingerbread men and Christmas candy canes?  I’m seriously thinking of taking my parents out for ice cream. It’s not going to break the bank and I will still be able to spend quality time with my parents! Now is that having the ice cream and eating it or what!?

If you’ve always dreamt of a white Christmas, here’s your chance to get up cold and personal!

Swensens - Chocolate Twinkle  Ice Cream (2)

Chocolate Twinkle $9.90 – I ordered this. A sweet mixture of Star Cookie, Dip Cherry, Smarties, Candy Cane, Choc Cream, Choc Fudge, Sticky chewy choc ice cream, and frosted choc malt ice cream for the chocolate fanatics. Apparently this is the most chocolaty one out of the 12 and if I may add, the most festive looking one for me. I didn’t quite like the top layer of cream though. I wanted to dive into the ice cream asap and the cream was in the way. Does it not look festive with the candy cane and star shaped cookie??

Swensens - Christmas Nutcracker  Ice Cream

Christmas Nutcracker $10.90 – The Partner ordered this. Rich Macadamia nut ice cream with chocolate sauce, choco fudge top, peanut, macadamia nut, cherry and a crunchy dip almond wafer.  I actually thought this tasted more chocolaty! Perhaps it was the generous amount of chocolate fudge. Also loved the numerous whole macadamia nuts, which provided a good crunchy texture to ice cream. I don’t know about you ice cream eaters out there, but I like to add hard bits like almond flakes to my ice cream to provide some texture.

Swensens - Gingerbread House Ice Cream

Gingerbread House ($10.90) – A delightful arrangement of Ginger boy, cappuccino cookie ice cream, ginger cubes, chocolate fudge and almonds. One of the Gingerbread boys lost an eye. Can you tell which.

Swensens - Pa rum pam pum  Ice Cream (2)

Pa-rum-pam-pum Raisin ($8.90) – Classic Rum and Raisin ice cream with a serving of fruitcake topped with butterscotch sauce. The bloggers’ ice cream order of choice.

Swensens - Tin Roof Sleigh Ride Ice Cream

Tin Roof Sleighride ($8.90) – Packs as much delight as a ride in Santa’s sleigh with its Sticky Chewy Choc and choco peanut buttercup ice cream with a Star cookie, salted cashew nut, choc sauce, choc cream, and butterscotch sauce with a decorative flag. Easier to eat the ice cream from a dish or wide glass as you can target your favourite ice cream first.

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