Christmas 2019 is but just over a month away! It’s the time of the year to think tinsel and make merry again. Tell me if you don’t get excited seeing all the Christmas decorations popping up one by one everywhere. I’ve long told myself not to just focus on the big day itself, but to actually soak up the whole Christmassy atmosphere from November. Because Christmas Eve and Christmas Day whizzes by SO FAST, I feel a little down the day after. I find if I start celebrating from November, there’s a whole lot more time to enjoy the festivities!

A Christmas To Remember at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

First up for my Christmas posts is one of my favourite hotels : Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza Hotel. They’re right smack in the heart of Orchard Road, a stone’s throw away from Orchard MRT Station. Here are some highlights of what they have in store for Christmas. Even if you’re planning on having a home-cooked meal for Christmas, don’t forget you can still get takeaways. Nothing like a pretty logcake or a turkey as your showstopper piece. Sometimes it pays to get the professionals to do it (pun intended), while you focus on the entertaining. 

Here are some of Marriott’s highlights, starting with the takeaways. These takeaway goodies have been specially created for Christmas 2019.

Festive Takeaways

Whole Roast Turkey with Apple Cider Brine _ Giblet Cornbread Loaf

Whole Roast Turkey with Apple Cider Brine & Giblet Cornbread Loaf (4.5-5 kg) – $198nett

Rosemary _ Garlic Roast Lamb Leg (Bone-In) with Chimichurri, Artichokes _ Capers

Rosemary & Garlic Roast Lamb Leg (Bone-In) with Chimichurri, Artichokes & Capers

(2.5-3 kg) – $188nett

Pandan _ Mixed Berries Chiffon Log Cake, Brandy White Chocolate Chestnut Log Cake, Peanut Butter Speculoos Praline Log Cake

  • Peanut Butter Speculoos Praline Log Cake (1 kg) – $68nett
  • Pandan & Mixed Berries Chiffon Log Cake (1 kg) – $68nett
  • Brandy White Chocolate Chestnut Log Cake (1 kg) – $68nett
Marriot Cafe Festive Buffets

Slow-Roasted Australian Beef Ribs

Slow-Roasted Australian Beef Ribs

Maple Glazed Leg Ham

Maple Glazed Leg Ham

Coffee _ Chermoula Spiced Beef Brisket

Coffee _ Chermoula Spiced Beef Brisket

Australian Roast Beef Sirloin

Australian Roast Beef Sirloin

What’s a Christmas feast without meats, meats and more meats. And be sure to save space for desserts because, hey you guessed it, what’s a Christmas feast without desserts! Aside from the log cakes pictured above, (and you should really try the peanut butter speculoos log cake, a personal favourite of mine) think Spiced Pumpkin Panna Cotta; Warm Chocolate Pudding with Brandy Sauce; Pistachio St. Honore Christmas Wreath; Gingerbread Spiced Cupcakes; Christmas Croquembouche; Mont Blanc; Eggnog Tarts; Chocolate Fountain, and more.

The kids, and those young at heart which means all of us included, will be excited to know that the Christmas decorations such as the chocolate trees and chocolate gift boxes are completely edible! Just pluck off a branch and pop it into your mouth! Great for boomerangs too, I can vouch for that.


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My first Christmas party for 2019! Yes it’s already October, time to think tinsel because the Christmas season is here, whether you’re ready for it or not! And make it a big one this year because next year it will be a brand new decade!! . This year, the chefs at Marriott have outdone themselves. I truly enjoyed all the food that I tried. Even the mini Christmas trees and gift boxes were edible! Taking pride of place as the 1st photo is Foie Gras Terrine, which I can never resist. . Other highlights which I loved, and are available for order, include: 1⃣Rosemary & Garlic Roast Lamb Leg (Bone-In) with Chimichurri, Artichokes & Capers (2.5-3 kg) – $188nett 2⃣Traditional Whole Roast Turkey with Chestnuts, Foie Gras Stuffing, Cranberry & Port Wine Sauce (4.5-5 kg) – $188nett 3⃣ Honey & Clove Glazed Ham (Bone-in) with Cinnamon Pineapple Sauce (5-6 kg) – $248nett 4⃣Peanut Butter Speculoos Praline Log Cake (1 kg) – $68nett . The Peanut Butter Speculoos Praline Log Cake deserves a shout out too. Each slice boasts just the right proportions of peanut butter-infused frosting, moreish speculoos crumble, crunchy feuilletine and luscious chocolate sponge. This will probably please those who always complain that log-cakes are too sweet. . Did you know that the savoury-sweet speculoos is a caramelised shortcrust biscuit traditionally enjoyed at Christmastime in parts of Europe such as Belgium and the Netherlands? If you’re not flying to Europe this Christmas, then maybe this Log Cake will help you feel better. . Marriott Cafe Festive Buffet (1 to 23, 26 to 30 Dec) : $68++ to $80++ Christmas Eve Buffet : $160++ Christmas Day Buffet Lunch : $138++ Christmas Day Buffet Dinner $160++ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel . Orchard MRT Station #MerryChristmas #Christmas2019 #SGChristmas

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Photo Credit : All photos on this blog post courtesy of Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

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