September 7, 2008

House moving tends to be a very dreaded affair. It’s not so much whether the new place is good or bad, but that you are familiar with the current place. There are things you know you like about the current place, and you have pretty much arranged your life (and your furniture) to suit the current place.

The pre-move is probably the worst part of all. You have to compartmentalise all your items into your various boxes. You have to wrap all your breakables carefully, most importantly the booze of course. And for some strange reason, even though you are sure you remember what goes into which box, and you even mark on the box what is in it, you always end up forgetting what is in which box once you arrive at the new place. And all the time you are doing this, you reminisce about the memories you had at the current place, and wonder if it would be as fun in the new place.

The move itself can also be harrowing. Make sure to get good professionals to help you cart your boxes to the new place. Obviously they will be more expensive, and if you pay enough, they will even help you to pack your items into boxes! I had professionals for my previous move, and they helped to dismantle the bed as well as the altar! Today, we got some workers from a moving firm that hires ex-offenders, and they were so rude. We had previously told them we had stuff that amounted to about 20 boxes. They understood it to be that we had 20 boxes, which we didn’t. We had lots of small carrier bags, which when added together would amount to about 20 boxes worth of stuff. That didn’t sit too well with them apparently, and they were bitching and moaning the whole time that it wasn’t 20 boxes. So a word of advice, be sure to tell the movers what you have, to save yourself the unnecessary tirade.

After all your items have been moved to the new place, there is the chore of having to unpack. If possible, come to the new place a few days earlier to mop and clean, or else you’ll have even more work to do on a day that is already pretty hectic. Make sure you have your most essential items and 1 change of clothes packed in the same bag, so that if you feel like crashing out after the move instead of unpacking, you can still do so.

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  1. One good thing about shifting though is that you go through your stuff and realise just how much junk you have. I have now moved 3 times in 13 months and each time I dump or recycle so much junk. And I don’t hoard stuff too!!!!!

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