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I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t even have time to have a relaxing dinner meal outside, let alone blog. But I know the one thing about blogging is that once you stop for an extended period, it just gets harder and harder to start again. So here I am, attempting to type this in a record 5 minutes.

Today after work, I met up with the Partner for dinner. Raffles City has once again closed off yet another section of its basement so now even the escalator near Starbucks has been closed off. This is apparently done for them to build a connection to the Esplanade MRT, or so the signs say from what I saw from afar. I think only Out of the Pan, Din Tai Fung, and the restaurants near Shokudo are still opened.

Anyway, we decided to eat at O’Gambinos in the end. It was 7.30pm but we were surprised that we were the 2nd group of customers to be there for dinner. The few other occupied tables were people having drinks. It must be because people think O’Gambinos is some pub or drinking place that more people don’t come here for dinner. But really, the prices and selections are quite good.

The Partner ordered the Grilled Cod, which cost only $26. It was a humongous piece of cod for that price, and the cod was O SO FLAKY I almost regretted not ordering it myself. And considering I am extremely fussy with fish (I hate non oily fish), this was an incredible dish. As for me, I wavered between the lamb chops, shrimp scampi pasta, but I finally ordered the Pork Scallopine with white wine pasta. The pork was quite flavourful, and easy to chew (I find it is easy to overcook pork), and the pasta was al dente. I didn’t find it particularly spectacular, but then I am very fussy about pork. (Ok I think I am very fussy about how all meat should be cooked). I personally preferred the cod and I will definitely order that, or the cod fish and chips the next time. It is rare to find fish and chips made with cod, so  I will most definitely go back for that when the fish craving strikes.

Fish lovers can also to Double Bay next door, which specialises in a lot of fish dishes. I vaguely recall I didn’t enjoy my fish dish there because I found the fish too cardboardy. But don’t take my word for it because most other people don’t find fish cardboardy. But when I say a piece of fish is good, it is really good! Heh!

Total time taken for post: 12.5 minutes.

The view has changed FOREVER!!!

The day that I have been dreading has finally arrived!!!!! I need to find a new place soon.

Cafe Fables and Bar Stories

Haji Lane must be one of the quaintest and most unique streets in Singapore! The stores all look very different from the ones you see in the mega shopping malls. And Haji lane must be one of the narrowest streets in Singapore. It is flanked by 2 storey shop houses on both sides, and cars are still allowed to drive through!

It was amazing walking through the entire street. I can’t believe a gem like this exists in Singapore. Every shop is like a breath of fresh air, waiting to surprise the unknowing visitor. So it was almost not surprising to find a cafe within a furniture store. Cafe Fables and Bar Stories are on the 2nd floor of A Thousand Tales the furniture store. Luckily, we spotted the sign saying “cafe upstairs”, or we would have totally missed it. As you can see from the photo below, the 1st floor houses is the furniture store itself specialising in mid-century Scandinavian furniture.

Cafe Fables shop frontYou push open that big wooden door and ascend the staircase inside, or you could simply take the direct access through the white door on the right. I recommend taking the furniture store route as the designs are really unique compared to what we’re used to.

Cafe Fables stairsCafe Fable Stairs

Those who are afraid of heights may find the “openness” of the stairs a little scary so take the closed stairs next door

Cafe Fables bar counterThis is the bar area where the bartender makes the alcoholic drinks as well as coffee and tea

Cafe Fables hot cafe latte We didn’t want anything alcoholic so we ordered a cafe latte $3.80 and a Cinnamon iced latte $5.50. That is not a wavy table you are looking at, but one of the bar stools. All the furniture is for sale.The cinnamon iced latte came in such a humongous glass we couldn’t finish it all.

Cafe Fables hot cafe latteCafe Fables iced cinnamon latte

A Thousand TalesThis is the 2nd floor of the furniture store. The chairs and tables actually have price tags on them. The actual cafe and bar area is rather small, so I asked the guy what would happen if a big group came along. Apparently, despite the price tags, customers can still sit here to enjoy their coffee. Is that amazing or what? So after you have your coffee, if you like your chair so much, you can just buy it and bring it home!

A Thousand TalesI really love the woody brick feel of the place. I can just imagine furnishing my own house to look something like this. And I love those stairs! The steps are also drawers which you can pull open to store things in them! Isn’t that smart?

A Thousand Tales A Thousand TalesThe furniture isn’t cheap, but isn’t so expensive that only CEOs and celebrities can afford. Each chair costs over 1000 dollars.

A Thousand TalesEven toilet space should not be wasted

A Thousand Tales sofa Women save up their salary to buy LV and Hermes handbags. I think I would be the type of person to save up to buy furniture. “Hey honey, look what I bought today! A new chair!”

A Thousand Tales (Furniture Store)

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 11am – 7pm, Saturday – Sunday 10am – 6pm

Cafe Fables and Bar Stories

Opening hours: Mon to Sun 3pm-1am

55 – 57 Haji Lane

Call 6298 0838
SMS 9855 6662

*At this point in time (ie 26 June 10), they only serve drinks and 2 desserts. In 1 month’s time, they will also start serving snack food.*

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Photos

The Partner was privileged to be able to get free tickets to visit the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark just after it opened on Thursday. It is called a SkyPark, but at this point in time, the park portion of the SkyPark (which supposedly has landscaped gardens home to 250 trees and 650 plants) and the restaurants are not open. The restaurants are slated to open only in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

Still, it was worth the visit for the bragging rights and the 360 degree totally unblocked views of Singapore. It is probably one of the very few places in Singapore where you can get a 360 degree view, unless you have regular access to some tall building’s roof top. Even views from the flyer or the tall office buildings will be blocked at certain angles.

There is one way to avoid paying for the $20 ticket, and that is to be a guest at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Then you can gain access to the SkyPark when you take a dip at the infamous 150m infinity swimming pool, the world’s largest outdoor pool at that height. I can’t imagine swimming in that pool, it looks so scary!

The best time to visit the SkyPark is undoubtedly in the evening. Then you can catch both the daylight as well as night time views of the Singapore skyline, and maybe even the sunset. Too bad they only open at 10am, or it would be a nice place to catch the sunrise as well.

Scroll down for pictures of the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, Infinity Pool and Singapore Skyline.

View of Singapore from the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

View of the Singapore River, Shenton Way, Esplanade etc from the SkyPark

Night view of Singapore from the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

Night view of the Singapore River, Shenton Way, Esplanade etc from the SkyPark

Night view of Singapore from the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

View of the Marina Bay area and beyond

Night view of Singapore from the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

View of the Shenton Way and Tanjong Pagar area and beyond

SkyPark Infinity Pool

The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. This must be a dream come true for lap swimmers! 150 metres! That’s longer than an Olympic-sized pool!

SkyPark Infinity Pool

The $20 ticket allows you to perv at the swimmers. It must be really romantic to take a dip with your beloved so high up. This must be one of the few hotel pools in the world with such an amazing view.

SkyPark Infinity Pool

Yes that black stretch is the pool!

SkyPark Infinity Pool

Marina Bay Sands' infinity pool

Marina Bay Sands photo of the infinity pool in the day time

Office Workers working at night

So it’s proven! There are people working late and it’s not just the cleaners…

Night view of the Marina Bay Golf Course

View of the Marina Bay Golf Course

Slanted Singapore Flyer

Does the Singapore Flyer look slanted to you? It looks like it is going to topple over!

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Tel : +65 6688 8868

More graffiti!

IMG_3250 - Copy

More graffiti!!! Arghh……where are the authorities?????

Ok these are better than those garish random scribbling, but still not good enough. The best vandalism I’ve seen was a huge montage of scenery pictures done in one of Singapore’s huge canals. I thought those were really good, and made the bland canal actually look pretty for once. But they were painted over within 1 week.

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