June 30, 2010

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t even have time to have a relaxing dinner meal outside, let alone blog. But I know the one thing about blogging is that once you stop for an extended period, it just gets harder and harder to start again. So here I am, attempting to type this in a record 5 minutes.

Today after work, I met up with the Partner for dinner. Raffles City has once again closed off yet another section of its basement so now even the escalator near Starbucks has been closed off. This is apparently done for them to build a connection to the Esplanade MRT, or so the signs say from what I saw from afar. I think only Out of the Pan, Din Tai Fung, and the restaurants near Shokudo are still opened.

Anyway, we decided to eat at O’Gambinos in the end. It was 7.30pm but we were surprised that we were the 2nd group of customers to be there for dinner. The few other occupied tables were people having drinks. It must be because people think O’Gambinos is some pub or drinking place that more people don’t come here for dinner. But really, the prices and selections are quite good.

The Partner ordered the Grilled Cod, which cost only $26. It was a humongous piece of cod for that price, and the cod was O SO FLAKY I almost regretted not ordering it myself. And considering I am extremely fussy with fish (I hate non oily fish), this was an incredible dish. As for me, I wavered between the lamb chops, shrimp scampi pasta, but I finally ordered the Pork Scallopine with white wine pasta. The pork was quite flavourful, and easy to chew (I find it is easy to overcook pork), and the pasta was al dente. I didn’t find it particularly spectacular, but then I am very fussy about pork. (Ok I think I am very fussy about how all meat should be cooked). I personally preferred the cod and I will definitely order that, or the cod fish and chips the next time. It is rare to find fish and chips made with cod, so  I will most definitely go back for that when the fish craving strikes.

Fish lovers can also to Double Bay next door, which specialises in a lot of fish dishes. I vaguely recall I didn’t enjoy my fish dish there because I found the fish too cardboardy. But don’t take my word for it because most other people don’t find fish cardboardy. But when I say a piece of fish is good, it is really good! Heh!

Total time taken for post: 12.5 minutes.


  1. Your words are enough to get me craving for Cod 🙂 Yeah it is hard to blog when you loose the momentum of mood. But I hope you keep blogging because your audience loves reading 🙂

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