If there’s one thing any food blogger shouldn’t do, it’s to blog about food before breakfast, lunch or dinner! Lunch is not going to arrive until 45 minutes later and blogging about food is not helping! I was going to do a

A rainy day is a joyful day

It’s a cloudy day, oh it’s a rainy day. Perfect day to snuggle under the covers and sleep in Perfect day to look out onto the windswept waters with a hot mug of milo Perfect day to just relax and do nothing.


http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/sub/whatsin/story/0,4574,396396,00.html (link only works after 6pm if you don’t have a subscription) Business Times – 24 Jul 2010 The rise of the locavore The concept of locavorism is budding here as Singaporeans become more aware of food provenance and environmental issues, but

Marutama Ramen

Marutama Ramen. It seems that most people fall into 2 distinct categories. They either love Marutama Ramen, or they hate it. The people who hate it, invariably call it expensive maggi mee. I happen to be in the category of people who

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