Goodbye 2010!!! Happy New Year!!!

I feel as if I haven’t even fully celebrated Christmas yet and already it’s the last day of 2010! I like it to still be December, I don’t want January to come so fast!!! December exudes a holiday feeling, even if you’re still in the office working. January always makes me feel ”yeah show’s over, get cracking!”

New Year’s Eve this year is so subdued! Last year, I was drinking champagne and eating canapés on the rooftop of One Fullerton and enjoying a totally unblocked and private view of the fireworks. Then it was on to a 2 night’s stay at the Fullerton. The year before, it wasn’t that posh but at least I was out at East Coast Park with thousands of other Singaporeans, setting off my fire sparklers. This year, I am at home typing this. After last year’s NYE blast at Fullerton, I feel like I shouldn’t bother celebrating if it is going to be a half-baked attempt.

Anyway I shall have a party of sorts in the next few days as I eat my way through all the restaurants I have been eyeing for the longest time.  Brunch, buffets and afternoon tea, here I come! How will you be celebrating the new year? Have you received any wonderful new year cards? What new year parties will you be going for? Have you made any new year resolutions for 2011, and more importantly, how will you keep your new year resolutions?

Here’s to a really smooth and wonderful 2011 ahead of us. May we fulfil all our goals and dreams!

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