Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

One of my favourite kaya bun places. These buns are soft and somewhat dense, which I think is a good way to enjoy kaya. I don’t really like the fluffy types because I feel like I am eating air. They are open

Fullerton Gingerbread Hotel

Isn’t this quite an amazing piece of cookery art? Some talented chef has fashioned the entire Fullerton Hotel out of Gingerbread. I want to peel off a pillar and chomp on it!

Hello New Office

At this point in time, this is about the only thing that I am looking forward to from the impending office move. I really hate to have to say good bye to City Hall! Today wasn’t exactly the best of days to


Roast Pork Dinner

The Partner is practicing getting into the Christmassy mood by cooking roast pork. For his 1st attempt, this was very good. The meat was tender and tasty. Only thing was, the crackling was a bit hard. I was hoping to get the

Robert Timms at Borders

A few weeks ago, my taxi zoomed past Wheelock and I caught a glimpse of the new Robert Timms cafe. I hadn’t realised that it had taken over the old Borders Cafe until Tiny Island mentioned it. I know the brand Robert