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Shin Kushiya @ myVillage

Shin Kushiya Tomatoes wrapped in Bacon

Singapore Central Business District Skyline – Day time

Here are some pictures of Singapore central business district aka Shenton Way from a vantage point at Marina Bay Sands. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best of days to take photos. The sky was overcast and slightly hazy. We haven’t had clear blue skies in quite a while. I should know since I can now see for miles from my new office. I think I can even see some of the mountains in Malaysia even though my office is in the south eastern part of Singapore!

Singapore Central Business District (1)

There’s the new Marina Bay Financial District on the left of the picture.

Singapore Central Business District (3)

Huge open area in front of Marina Bay Sands Shoppes where you have an unblocked view of Shenton Way and all it’s big businesses.

Singapore Central Business District (2)

The building with the reddish roof is the old Clifford Pier, which has now turned into the posh Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Singapore Central Business District (5)

A closer look of the Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Singapore Central Business District (4)

The Fullerton Hotel and One Fullerton. Fullerton Hotel was once Singapore’s General Post Office, while One Fullerton is obviously a building built in modern times, ie about 5 years ago.

Singapore Central Business District (7)

See the mass of tourists taking in the sights of the iconic Merlion. I really don’t understand why tourists would specially come here just to take photos with the Merlion. Perhaps it’s like this Parisian I know that has never visited, or thought to visit the Eiffel Tower?

Singapore Central Business District (6)

Interesting angle of the Esplanade and the Swisshotel?

Singapore Central Business District (8)

Condos right in the heart of town. Are you the type that would love to live near your office or are you the type that would want to get as far away from it after working hours?

The shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Here are some pictures of Marina Bay Sands mall I took during the Christmas New Year period. Half of the shopping wing, the half near the convention centre, is still not ready. The whole mall is pretty massive. Walking from one end to the other takes some effort! Luckily, the mall is straight so navigating isn’t a problem.

Marina Bay Sands Front Entrance

Love the Season’s Greetings silver decoration at their front entrance. The letterings are so large, I could even see it across the Singapore river from Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Marina Bay Sands Mall (5)

It’s cool that you can see the original Singapore skyline from within the Marina Bay Sands mall

Marina Bay Sands Mall (2)

Marina Bay Sands Mall (17)

Marina Bay Sands Mall Sampan Ride

In Singapore, they have been named the Sampan Rides. In Macau and in Las Vegas, they are known as the Gondola Rides. The sampan looks modified. The real Singapore sampans that used to throng the Singapore river don’t look like that. I don’t know how the paddle even works, being angled in this manner. I suspect the currents push the boat along.

Marina Bay Sands Mall (3)

People waiting expectantly for the next sampan to appear.

Marina Bay Sands Mall MozzaMarina Bay Sands Mall Daniel Boulud Restaurant

The Daniel Boulud DB Bistro Moderne – Read my review here

Marina Bay Sands Mall Hermes

Can’t quite see it from the photos but the things on the side were spraying tiny foam balls to resemble raindrops.

Marina Bay Sands Mall (13)

The Society of Black Sheep. What a quirky name for a clothing store.

Marina Bay Sands Mall (16)

Java detour, coffee & tea bar

Marina Bay Sands Mall Skating Rink (5)Marina Bay Sands Mall Skating Rink (1)Marina Bay Sands Mall Skating Rink (2)Marina Bay Sands Mall Skating Rink (3)Marina Bay Sands Mall Skating Rink (4)

The foodcourt Rasapura Masters and the skating rink. Dining here must surely be out of the ordinary. Look how close the skaters are! Wonder if people get shocked and choke if someone accidentally bumps into the glass…Smile

The rink isn’t made of ice btw, it’s some synthetic slippery material. Guess that means it’s eco-friendly.

Marina Bay Sands Mall (6)

Tall robots. Many people were snapping away at them, especially at the lady.

Marina Bay Sands Mall (1)

Some alfresco bar cafe on the outside of Marina Bay Sands

Art and Science Museum

The upcoming ArtScience Museum.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The Marina Bay Sands hotel. Will post a review on my stay there soon!

Marina Bay Sands
Tel: +65 6688 8868

Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

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Daniel Boulud DB Bistro Moderne

Rise Restaurant

myVillage Mall at Serangoon Gardens


Finally had a chance to visit the myVillage mall at Serangoon Gardens yesterday, even though I have known of its existence 2 months back, and in fact, walked past it once. Was invited down by the mall management for a special blogger’s “get to know myVillage” session. The evening was amazing. myVillage really is a charming little mall with personality. The mall even has 2 mascots called Marley and Jules, inspired by the 2 adjoining roads Maju Avenue and Farleigh Road. I mean where else in Singapore can you find such a cute and interesting concept?

The owners of the mall wanted myVillage to blend in with the Serangoon Garden’s laid back vibe, and have people living near there feel as if this is an extension of their backyard. In this aspect, I think myVillage has done a wonderful job. Just look at the signage itself, can you see the words in there? These are handwritten “my”s by over a hundred people living or working in the area.

The roof top is lovely as well. At this point, it’s just wooden flooring and some plants but I think the management plan to install a seating area. From the roof, you can look out over the roofs of the houses nearby. The area is so peaceful, I wish I could have stayed up there longer, just to stare into the sky and imagine away.

I feel quite jealous of the people living near Serangoon Gardens! I want Bedok Point to be like this too! Where’s my property agent….


1 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556679

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