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January 31, 2011

I am in the process of moving from my old blog at http://365days2play.wordpress.com to this one here https://365days2play.com !  The renovations will be completed soon! Re-link all your bookmarks here!!!!!


  1. That’s so cool! My cousin has been telling me to upgrade to a .com but I just don’t know how. Is it easy to do it? I am so technically lousy and just imagine everything just disappearing.

  2. @bookjunkie
    You know what? The worst almost happened just now! I clicked a button wrongly and everything disappeared. I had to get my friend on the line at 11.50pm to help me.

    I think there are 2 main reasons to go to a .com. 1 huge reason is customization. There’s lots of nifty stuff that can be incorporated into the blog on a .com, and that part seems fairly easy too since it’s like adding widgets. The other huge reason to go to a .com is to be able to host ads. If your main purpose is just to write write write, the current wordpress is more than enough.

    I think it’s really scary to have to upgrade to a .com all by yourself. If possible, get someone who is schooled in computing jargon to sit with you to do the upgrade. I encountered quite a number of steps that required me to choose what I wanted, when I didn’t even understand what the hell the options were. There is a super “1-click installation” thing, but that one only offers minimal customization.

    If you try dreamhost, they have a 14 free trial. Worth a shot if you have been thinking about it.

  3. thanks for the insights….I was thinking about it but I just had no inkling about it technically and a bit afraid to take the plunge. I was also thinking maybe I should start a totally new one on a domain and that way I don’t need to transfer anything and just start anew while still writing on wordpress which is basically my journal.

    Sadly also i don’t think the name tinyisland.com is available and it’s kinda grown on me.

    Thanks for being a trail blazer….will look forward to learning from you and am eager to see your first ad pop up 🙂

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