:) Happy Birthday to me!! :)

Still in time!!! Happy Birthday to myself!! SmileSmileSmile

And also a memorial to my dear birdie who graciously kicked the bucket this day last year at 9.50pm. Sad smile

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4 Responses to “:) Happy Birthday to me!! :)”

  1. bookjunkie says:

    Happy Birthday!!!:) I just love birthdays…wish we could have them everyday

    poor thing…your bird died on your last birthday?!

    • 365days2play says:

      Yes every day would be a great idea! Don’t they do that in Alice in Wonderland? Every day is an unbirthday worthy of celebration!!!
      Yep she died 26 Feb 2010!!!

  2. Opps, I am late. Damned, wanted to be the one shouting Happy Birthday first. I knew Book Junkie was going to beat me to that! 😀
    Here’s wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday! Trust that you had many wonderful celebrations pertaining to that.

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